Here’s The List Of Best VR Applications And Games For Android

Here's The List Of Best VR Applications And Games For Android

Here’s The List Of Best VR Applications And Games For Android

The simplicity of Virtual Reality concept coupled with the fact that all major hardware components were already integrated into today’s smartphones facilitated the emergence of virtual reality displays for smartphones.

The implementation of software is also relatively easy thanks to Google with the development of cardboard, so in this way, a multitude of VR applications have flooded Google Play. Thanks to them, you can experience all kinds of first-person experiences, just like if you were there.

The most popular for the sensations it transmits the automated paths, such as roller coasters or spacewalks, where simply pointing the viewer to a specific point that gives immersive experience. Although we also have more interactive applications, using a Bluetooth controller we can move freely in a virtual environment, with an exceptional immersion sensation.

Here we are going to tell you the best virtual reality applications, looking for you to have the greatest variety of sensations possible. If you have never tried the virtual reality, these applications will certainly leave you with your mouth open.

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1. Google Cardboard

A fundamental application, and which of course comes within our top of the best VR applications is Cardboard. But as its name indicates, we will need the google cardboard to be able to enjoy all the demos that are included, since they require the magnetic button to use.

2. Youtube Channel “Virtual Reality”

Thanks to the design of the sports cameras, and to the development of virtual reality, Youtube has also added this trend to its platform and the Youtube Channel “Virtual Reality” is one of the examples.

3. Shadowgun VR

Shadowgun VR goes one step further, and with this technical demo becomes one of the best applications of the virtual reality of these moments, by immersing yourself in a scenario where with the help of a Bluetooth controller, you can move with total freedom by the scenario as if you were there.

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4. House of Terror VR

This application places us inside a house of terror, from which you will have to escape. It presents some more realistic graphics in a somewhat gloomy and dark environment.

5. Titans of Space

Titans of space is one of the first demos of Oculus Rift, and since its beginning was one of the most successful because of its immersion and depth.

6. Roller Coaster VR

The roller coaster simulators have proved to be one of the star applications of virtual reality. As its sense of speed is the most achieved of all of this kind of virtual reality.

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7. In Mind VR

If you want to feel like Tuck Peldenton in “The prodigious chip”, when you shrink next to your ship and navigate through the human body, this is your opportunity to experience it. Without a doubt, one of the best virtual reality applications.

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