Google Pixel 2 Has A Secret Button That Google Never Told Us About

Google Pixel 2 Has A Secret Button That Google Never Told Us About

Google Pixel 2 Has A Secret Button That Google Never Told Us About

The Pixel 2 devices are the most awaited devices by lovers of pure Android, and today we will see a secret that has the Pixel 2 saved within its version of Android Oreo.

Although all phones have Android Oreo, we know that the personalization layer of the Pixel is different. The tech giant Google since last year has wanted to make its phone different, and this year has achieved with some additions such as its new improved launcher, full integration of Google Assistant, new features such as “Now Playing” and more.

But apart from this, the tech giant Google has always wanted to bring something more to the user, giving quick shortcuts to doing certain things. One of the most characteristic and the ones that bring out Samsung core is the fact that we can push the device by the sides to open Google Assistant. Today one of the secrets of the Pixel has been discovered on the Net.

A secret menu in the navigation bar

Apparently, the tech giant Google wants us to put shortcuts everywhere, and so, it seems that it has put a new button on the navigation bar, but that is invisible, at least for now. This button is located to the right of the whole, and we can see it in the video below, actually seeing its function, which it does not always have.

We can see that it is a menu button. If we click somewhere where we have a menu at the top with all three points, this button will trigger, as if it were predetermined in Android. We do not really know anything about this button if it is something specific to Android Oreo or Google will only implement it in the Pixel devices.

This is one of the secrets that the Google Pixel has inside, and we say one because this has just begun. As with all mobile phones, we will gradually discover details about them as they reach people and they will find out, and even more when Android 8.1 arrives promising enough improvements, both in the section photography, in which it is in the first position according to DxOMark, as in other sections such as performance or software.

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