Hacker Adrian Lamo “Homeless Hacker” Dies At the Age of 37

Hacker Adrian Lamo "Homeless Hacker" Dies At the Age of 37

Hacker Adrian Lamo “Homeless Hacker” Dies At the Age of 37

Hacker Adrian Lamo “Homeless Hacker” Dies At the Age of 37: Adrian Lamo, who was also known as the “homeless hacker” has died at the age of 37. Well, he is a Colombian-American threat analyst and former hacker. He was best known for passing on information that led to the arrest of Chelsea Manning.

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Adrian Lamo as we already said is also known as the “homeless hacker”. He has occasionally known ‘homeless hacker’ for his nomadic life. He died in Sedgwick County, Kansas on Friday.

The exact reason behind the death of Adrian Lamo is still unknown. The coroner for Sedgwick County, Kansas, haven’t given many details about the death of Adrian Lamo.

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According to the reports from ZDNet, Adrian Lamo’s death was confirmed by his father, Mario Lamo. His father on a Facebook group known as “2600 | The Hacker Quarterly” posted a tribute to his son on Friday.

Mario Lamo wrote in a Facebook post “With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian’s friends and acquaintances that he is dead. A bright mind and compassionate soul is gone, he was my beloved son”

Adrian Lamo gained media attention in the early 2000s when he managed to break into several high-profile computer networks like The New York Times, Yahoo and Microsoft, culminating in his 2003 arrest when he eventually turned himself in.

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Not only these, Adrian Lamo was sentenced to six months of home detention, along with 2 years of probation with $60,000 fine. However, then on the year 2010, Lamo gained worldwide notoriety for disclosing to the FB that U.S. soldier, Chelsea Manning – then Bradley Manning and an intelligence analyst for a U.S. army unit in Iraq – had leaked confidential data to WikiLeaks.

Manning reached out to Lamo and told about their plans where she told him that she gained access to thousands of classified data and had leaked to Wikileaks a video of a U.S. military forces in a helicopter machine indiscriminately gunning down journalist and Iraqi civilians. However, Adrian Lamo chooses to report him and informed the U.S. military about the breach.

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Manning was later arrested and sentenced to 35 years in prison. Her sentence was later commuted by President Barack Obama, and she was released last year.

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