This Website Shows How Long A Hacker Would Take To Hack Your Password

This Website Shows How Long A Hacker Would Take To Hack Your Password

This Website Shows How Long A Hacker Would Take To Hack Your Password

Do you think your password is secure? Do you see it impossible for someone to hack? Well, you may be very wrong. A web page tells you how long it would take a hacker to break down or crack your password and access your account, something that will be related to the number of characters of the same and its complexity.

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If you have a simple password like ‘password’ or ‘12345’ you know that a hacker can easily access your account in just 0.29 milliseconds, at the push of a button. If you are one of those who likes to put anniversary or birthday dates, you are also in danger, because your password will only be checked in 2 days.

This site makes available a tool that makes use of the benchmarks of Intel and the cracking application John the Ripper to the users those who are really curious to know how much strong their password is, at a glance.

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As this extraordinary tool will simply tell you the time that it would take a hacker to simply break down or crack your current password with one of their Automatic programs.

Till to the date, millions of users are betting to entrust their accounts with simple passwords that can be ascertained in just a few minutes with programs that, through an immense flat-text database and millions of word combinations, introduce passwords to the user. Randomly on accounts from all over the world to access them.

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The number of characters used makes the password stronger. However, if a password of only 7 characters can be hacked in only 0.29 milliseconds, a 12-character password can take up to 2 times. This is not to say that choosing a dictionary word combination as a password is safe, but the combination of words with numbers or with upper and lower case characters would make it very difficult for hackers to knock them down.

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