Here’s what Samsung Galaxy S9+ Looks like on the Inside

Here's what Samsung Galaxy S9+ Looks like on the Inside

Here’s what Samsung Galaxy S9+ Looks like on the Inside

Here’s what Samsung Galaxy S9+ Looks like on the Inside: Whenever we hear about iFixit, we could resist ourself from imagining a disassembled smartphone. Well, this time it was Samsung Galaxy S9+ which has been carefully disassembled. The carefully dismantled smartphone shows that repairing the smartphone is not at all easy.

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However, iFixit also highlighted some of the plus points of Galaxy S9+. The most interesting one is it has many modular components which can be switched independently.

The iFixit even notes that the 3,500 mAh battery can be replaced. The problem is that getting to it is a test of patience. There is a protective plate on top of which removal requires considerable care. Moreover, the component is fixed with a glue that just did not work anymore because it was treated with a sticker remover.

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Without any doubt, out of all other parts of smartphones, a display is one of the most important things that is exchanged the most. In Galaxy S9+ removing the display also requires a lot of patience. It is necessary to apply heat carefully for the glue to loosen and at the same time dismantle the smartphone almost entirely for the panel to be released.

Samsung always prioritizes the cameras in its high-end models, which is why iFixit looked very closely at these components. In the case of the S9 +, the rear camera is double but forms one piece, meaning there is no module for each sensor.

Another interesting detail is that, unlike ordinary cameras, the lens with variable aperture does not have five or more blades to level the light input; this control is made by two rotating “rings”. Since the cameras are in a module, it is perfectly possible to change them, but again, getting to them is not easy.

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On the front, the Galaxy S9 + brings between its attractive 3D avatars (AR Emojis) and unlock via facial recognition or iris reading, but technically, there are no major deviations compared to the previous generation: the infrared modules, sensor proximity, iris scanner and front camera are almost the same as the Galaxy S8 +.

In the reparability index, the Galaxy S9 + won 4 points out of 10 (the higher, the better), the same score as the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. For more details, visit iFixit website.

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