iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8: If we talk about an ultimate smartphone, you’ve got three options, Apple iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone X. All of the three smartphones are really very powerful, but it differs vastly in every criteria and comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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There is always been a fight between Android and iOS. So, Galaxy Note 8 compete with iPhone X is what we all desired to see. Recently, a Korean website has conducted an OLED burn-in test comparing iPhone and Galaxy Note 8.

Well, Burn-in on OLED display is something where the images on the display remain even after it was turned off. Burn-in problem is common to all OLED screen. However, many users believe that this is because of a bug or a hardware fault.

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Recently, a South Korean testing lab has decided to put iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S7 Edge through an extreme burn-in test. The test lasted for 510 hours and a static image was left on the phone’s display with full brightness.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X

iPhone X

On the test, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 turned out to be the worst performer out of all three smartphones. The iPhone X appeared to show some burn-in signs within 17 hours of the test. However, it’s was not so extreme and can go unnoticed. In terms of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the phone performed well till around 62 hours, but the burn-in can be observed by any layperson.

As per the test results, iPhone X turned out to be the winner followed by Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 burn-in test results were unexpected. This test result gives a serious point for prospective buyers to review their decisions before choosing between Samsung and iPhone.

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