How Much Does G Suite Partner in India costs?

How Much Does G Suite Partner in India costs?

How Much Does G Suite Partner in India costs?

Establishing any business without the help of Google workplace is next to impossible nowadays. From this point of view, you need to go for a profitable plan of G Suite partner in India

There are many plans available online that usually provide amazing offers. You need to choose the required one to receive the best help ever. However, you should have an overall idea about almost all plans to add yourself with an appropriate plan. Apart from this, you can change your data plan at any time. 

A few noticeable advantages of G Suite partners

  • This option can provide you with Gmail business opportunities.
  • It can also make you aware of spam emails as well. Thus, you can stay on the safe side.
  • You can use your Gmail account for both official and personal use.
  • You do not need to tolerate the advertisements as well.
  •  You can arrange an official meeting for free without any noise. Apart from this, you can save these meetings for further use.
  • With the help of the history portion, you will be able to search for the important ones.
  • You will be able to keep necessary notes and can also watch the calendar to fix your own schedule.
  • The verification process can keep you away from any fraud.

A few important data plans for G Suite partner India

  • Business starter

People who are trying to include online transactions and deals for their business must need to make a plan for G Suite partner India. However, it will be difficult for business starters to invest a huge amount of money in any new plan. 

In this scenario, they can go for the business starter plan, which can provide 100 participant meetings, standards support, 30 GB of cloud storage, custom, and secure business, and many more. You need to pay 125 INR per month to receive this massive service.

  • Business Standard

This is the most popular data plan on Google. People who understand the facilities of G Suite partner India usually go for this plan. By investing 672 INR per month, they receive almost every facility throughout the month. They can actually perform 150 video meetings, all standard supports. They can also receive 2 TB cloud storage which is huge. 

  • Business Plus

This plan should be selected by those people who need to perform a huge number of meetings in a single day. Mostly, international businesses need to go for this particular plan. You need to pay 1260 INR per month to receive 5 TB cloud storage space where you can store your personal data securely. 

  • Enterprise

This is the most expensive plan that people who rely on G Suite partner India need to use. In this scenario, you need to sign a contract depending o the size of your business. There is no fixed price for this plan. You will receive unlimited services which will surely mention in the contract only as per your considerations. 

This knowledge will help anyone choose the best plan for their business or personal use. Apart from this, you will be able to receive amazing services by paying a low amount of money every month. You can easily earn a good amount from your online business with the help of G Suite partner India.

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