Top 10 Jobs That Robots Could Steal From Humans

Top 10 Jobs That Robots Could Steal From Humans

Top 10 Jobs That Robots Could Steal From Humans

Top 10 Jobs That Robots Could Steal From Humans: Many experts have foretold robots will take over 30% of the human jobs by 2025. Even. Google’s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil foretells robots will overtake human intelligence levels by 2029.

The most optimistic view is that robots will simply kill the old jobs and create new ones, having a net effect zero, or even an expansion in new jobs.

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The most pessimistic view is that the robots will take all the responsibilities of the humans, they will resist and they will still kill all. Check out this list in which we highlight the 10 jobs that robots can steal from humans.

1) Drivers

Automated driving is a trend that is already witnessing genuine use, in the real world and in fiction satire. But big companies, especially in the technology industry, are aggressively attempting this technology.

Google is supposed to have unmanned, self-driving cars running within 5 years to improve safety and decrease travel time.

2) Lawyers

As seen, administrative jobs are at chance of being overrun by autonomous, information-skilled robots in the future as well as the jobs of workers.

These robots will be ready to examine millions of documents that have traditionally been made by a legal assistant in the function of preparing for cases. Researchers at Michigan State University created a model that was able to predict the outcome of 71% of Supreme Court cases, dramatically reducing the need for lawyers in those cases.

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3) Financial analysts

As with lawyers, the ability to predict and store and distribute large amounts of data is an important point for future-generation robots.

Many financial professionals, hampered by incompetent technique, lack of experience, sleep deprivation, and other human errors, simply will not be able to keep up with the potential and algorithms of these computers and automated systems.

4) Journalism

One application of future robotics that terrifies all writers and journalists is that these robots can take over their jobs, which traditionally are supposed to need a human touch to do properly.

However, other subjects related to sports results, financial aspect, and other technical aspects can be reported by robots.

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5) Online Marketing

Another area for writers is online marketing and copywriting. Learning how to create good ads to attract possible buyers and customers have traditionally taken years to master but it is also a necessary job with large parts of company budgets being emitted into marketing and media advertising.

Another field that is gaining significant strength is “programmatic ad buying,” where software use information about potential customers and buyers to create the best prospects for targeting ads in magazines and websites.

6) Delivery Systems

One of the most talked and obviously science fiction ideas is the idea of mechanical drones or matching systems, an idea that would transform the world into a real-life episode of Jetsons.

The idea is not so unlikely when one looks at what the United States government would have been able to do its assassin drones and surveillance.

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7) Pharmaceuticals

Robotic Pharmacy Dispensing is a new technology that is driving the medical world so impressively. These systems are taking the traditional human pharmacist jobs at a dangerous state, and shows no indication of slowing down.

8) Astronauts

Although robots may not be flying on spacecraft so early, NASA has partnered with General Motors to create some of the most futuristic android technology to date.

Robotnaut 2 works together with astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The robot helps serve workplaces during spacewalks, provides an extra set of hands for maintenance tests, and does other household chores such as cleaning and operating aids. Recently, Robotnaut 2 won the NASA Invention of the Year.

9) Physicians & Surgeons

On the other end of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, robots are beginning to show breakthroughs in the minute, minute procedures. The doctors once represented the ultimate human, the profession with the hands did not look like it would be replaced one day. Our deception.

For example, the FDA approved the Sedays system, created by Johnson & Johnson, which can provide low-level anesthesia for procedures such as colonoscopies at a fraction of the cost of an anesthetist. The machines are still controlled by doctors.

10) Soldiers

Probably the most frightening and plausible evolution of robots taking human jobs in the future would be that of the military. You can watch some movies like Terminator and other robotics movies to see the possible consequences.

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These are the 10 jobs that robots can steal from humans. What do you think about this? Share your comments below.

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