Top 3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Right Now

Top 3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Right Now

Top 3 Linux Smartphone Operating Systems You Can Install Right Now

Nowadays, most people use smartphones. In fact, these new mobile devices have revolutionized the way we interact with the world on a daily basis. A few years ago, famous mobile phones only served to make and receive calls and messages. Some had email, a calendar and little else.

The change has already occurred and continues to happen and beyond what the market offers in terms of operating systems in bulk, there are alternatives in the world of Linux.

The change

Nowadays, what we have in our pockets already has the capacity to do much more than the simple tasks that were carried out in mobile phones a few years ago. In fact, almost without realizing it, we have at our disposal small computers. Thanks to the iPhone, introduced 10 years ago, multi-touch technology has been able to introduce new concepts and ideas in the market, such as Apps.

Since then, companies have begun investing heavily in the area of mobile operating systems, giving room for the emergence of new operating systems such as iOS, Android, and many others. But there are still plenty of people who think that only these last two are able to provide all the tools we use in our day-to-day lives.

There are other alternatives

But as expected, other alternatives are available and can already be used on some devices. The alternatives of the Linux world, although limited exist and it is them of which we speak here today.

Ubuntu Touch

If you are already a user of the Ubuntu distribution (Linux distribution), you will like to know that there is a mobile operating system called Ubuntu Touch. This is a mobile version desktop operating system.

Originally, it was developed by Canonical ( the company that manages and maintains Ubuntu Desktop) but now who is in charge is the UBports Community.

If you want to stop using an ecosystem with the owner, then this can be a great solution. Ubuntu Touch is a very secure operating system and takes users’ privacy very seriously. In addition, it follows the Open-Source policy, with all operating system code available online.

This operating system also has a great focus on efficient hardware management, always trying to ensure optimal performance. In fact, this operating system offers an easy and enjoyable user experience.

Although not supported by all devices, Ubuntu Touch is available for more and more smartphones.

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Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS is being maintained and developed by Jolla (Smartphone design and development company) along with companies that are part of the Sailfish Alliance and other members of the Open Source community.

The operating system comes as standard in Jolla Smartphones and Tablets. However, thanks to community efforts, Sailfish OS is already supported on other devices.

Like Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS is also based on Linux. Therefore, it is a flexible operating system and does not have as tight usage rules as other well-known operating systems. In addition, part of the code used is Open-Source. In fact, the privacy and security of users are also a priority for Jolla.

Undoubtedly, Sailfish OS is super easy to use. The operating system has a nice design and has some interesting details, which helps to have a pleasant experience of use.

In addition, Sailfish OS supports some Android applications, something that does not happen in Ubuntu Touch. As with the Ubuntu Touch operating system, Sailfish OS can also be installed on other devices running Android.

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Plasma Mobile

Another alternative is Plasma Mobile. This operating system is an alternative version of Plasma. In fact, Plasma Mobile has been the subject of some attention during this year due to the abandonment of Ubuntu Touch by Canonical.

Without a doubt, Plasma Mobile aims to be a complete and “open” alternative to mobile devices. It is an Operating System based on Kubuntu, another Linux distribution.

One of the most exciting features is that the operating system is able to run applications from Plasma Desktop and also from Ubuntu Touch. Thus, users have a much wider range of options.

For now, this operating system can be installed on Nexus 5/5X and devices with Intel processors.

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All these mobile operating systems can represent great alternatives to Android. In fact, they can do almost everything the Android platform is capable of.

For now, the range of applications is still small and the amount of devices supported as well. Certainly, over time, these operating systems will gain strength and become more accessible to all users.

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