What Are Torrents? How Does Torrent Downloading Works?

What Are Torrents? How Does Torrent Downloading Works?

What Are Torrents? How Does Torrent Downloading Works?

What Are Torrents? How Does Torrent Downloading Works?: Nowadays, it is very common to find files of all types and sizes being shared over the internet through torrent files. But there is still a large audience that has no idea what “torrent” really means, let alone how a few KB file can bring another from several GB.

To help you understand how the torrents works, we are going to cover some most important things that will let you know about torrents and how it works.

Many users think that a torrent file is a file that can be distributed on a P2P network, that file can be an mp3, video, application or document of any kind, which is not really true, since the torrent is a file that contains the data of the file to download, which normally has an open distribution on the network or the internet.

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Thus, the torrent itself belongs to the BitTorrent chain which is the one that actually holds the files that we wish to download; these torrents usually have a weight of about 100 KB, meaning something extremely light to download.

These torrents have to be opened with a dedicated application, just as a word document needs to be opened with Microsoft Word, torrent can be opened with uTorrent just to give an example, same that interacts with the servers that distribute the seeds of the file to download and that will then form the final file, but in that download we will also be included with our share of the file, according to what we have downloaded until that moment.

Creating a torrent file is not a difficult task since it can be done with the same uTorrent or any other client, which is available only by choosing from the application a file or folder that we want to share and save it as a torrent file that we can make accessible to the users of the network to download it from their computers via P2P.

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Now let’s go to indicate how we can get these files, which can be obtained from different pages that offer the search service, such as Mininova or The Pirate Bay, which is very effective and offers a file with real statistics of the places where it can be obtained; after that it can be opened to said torrent with uTorrent to start downloading the file of our interest.

Once the software (uTorrent for example) has located all the parts of the file that we want to download, it will begin to do so from each of the parts or seeds that are, being limited in some cases by the connection speed that has each user or seed.

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This is how a BitTorrent network basically works, where every data that has been searched and downloaded has been found through the information provided by the torrent file.

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