Man Spent 9 Hrs Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

Man Spent 9 Hrs Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

Man Spent 9 Hrs Pressing Arrow Key To Reach Bottom Of An Excel Sheet!

The Excel Sheet’s calculation program has more than one million rows of cells to do calculations. To get to the last one, simply we have to press the ctrl key (cmd, in the case of Apple) on the keyboard and the down arrow. But that is too easy. Hunter Hobbs, an Oklahoma YouTuber in the US, wanted to get to the depths of the board with no shortcuts, dropping all rows one by one. It cost more than 9 hours, and the feat has earned him more than 490,000 hits on YouTube in less than ten days.

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Hobbs explains in the description of his video the following rules in his challenge: “Do not use keyboard shortcuts, without breaks, just trying to reach the bottom of Excel by holding down the arrow key without letting go.” He himself acknowledges that it is “the dumbest challenge anyone has ever made.” But still, he did not care.

In the video, which sums up in two and a half minutes it’s long nine hours in front of the computer, you can see how Hobbs composes them to keep busy. Lee, play with a ping pong racket, talk on the phone, throw some keys etc.

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You also see how he drink – water, energy drinks and also a smoothie look similar to Joylent – and eat. 9 hours and 36 minutes later, he reaches the bottom: row 1,048,576. “I’m tired, I’m hungry and my hands hurt a lot, which is pretty sad,” he admits. “So far the Excel Challenge. Do not do it”.

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Video commentators have had no mercy with the YouTuber. “Quote in the Excel manual: 1,048,576 rows, 16,384 columns. It took me 37 seconds to find it,” a joke. Another joke that “his parents should be proud”.

If you have not had enough, there are those who propose another challenge: “Can you do the same with Word so that we discover how many rows can be created in a single document? Thank you”.

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