Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Now Drives You Off From Buying Apps That Don’t Work

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Now Drives You Off From Buying Apps That Don’t Work

We all know very well that the tech giant Microsoft’s last major attempt is to bring Windows 10 in its full version to ARM designs. As these chips are already powerful enough to equip a traditional OS, as long as the software or apps accompanies it. The apps are becoming also very difficult to run, as they require more and more resources. There are different specific games and software, like 3D games and casino games that all require a good processor to process the endless lines of code in order to operate those apps.

Hence, recently, the tech giant Microsoft presented its latest proposal to explore this horizon. Yes, I am talking about none other than the Surface Pro X, that comes with its own processor, known as SQ1. This is not much more than a version of the Snapdragon 8cx, which in turn does not seem to be very different from the Snapdragon 855 that we see in most high-end Android smartphones nowadays.

However, the fact is that it is not the first laptop that has arrived with one of these chipsets on board. As there are many other manufacturers are available on the market, like Samsung, Lenovo, who are also trying to break through in this segment.

But, apart from all these things, despite the tech giant Microsoft’s proclaimed efforts, the Windows app ecosystem for ARM does not take off. As it was already a year ago when the support was added to these types of applications, as another option for developers when composing the software. But, hold on, while we are talking about apps, then let me tell you an interesting thing that will definitely please you, yes, I am talking about the mobile casino, one of the most interesting and fun activities there are that we can play on our PC or smartphone. And not only that, we get to be a part of games with different players from around the world with VR and video options. Mobile casinos became a big part of many people lives, as it’s a thing that can be done almost from anywhere in the world and with a minimum amount of cash.

However, recently, Slaven, one of the well-known developers at UserCamp, which is a small studio that simply designs applications like PenBook, focused on the Windows application store or the Microsoft Store. According to him, he has been trying to publish apps that are compatible with these ARM systems in 64 bits for almost a year, but, unable to do so.

Apart from all these things, Slaven claims that the Microsoft Store has gone into maintenance mode, and currently, he don’t have a single human question and answers related to the store. Hence, the type of applications developed by the study is also interesting for these types of devices, which are often substantial, the Surface Pro X being, the ideal Surface, that you have been waiting for, and it would be really an exciting experience to run them on the device.

Hence, this story fits with the recent criticisms of the Surface Pro X from the well-known web portal, The Verge, who stated that the store itself is not able to distinguish which applications are developed with the new architecture in mind. That’s why, if we have one of these devices and access the Microsoft Store, the optimized applications that are the least, will simply get be mixed with those that are not optimized.

The tech giant Microsoft has promised to set filters that make a selection of those developed specifically for ARM64. As the main PC manufacturers simply want to be there in case ARM ends up embracing the future of mobility and opening a gap in a segment dominated by the iPad and Intel.

A kind of introduction to the capabilities of Windows, and for now with a more limited application ecosystem, that is still needed to be optimized, but led to more durable and portable computers, with designs closer to the tablet format.

However, they also want to take advantage of their efforts and, in short, sell what they manufacture. Meanwhile, it is the ARM processors themselves that pull the car from a transition that is increasingly obvious and demanded both from the side of the manufacturers and by the users themselves.

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