How To Turn Any Video Into An Interactive Puzzle In VLC Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular multimedia players. Did you know that you can also use it to create playable puzzles with your videos? They become fun challenges in which you have to solve the puzzle in the shortest possible time.

Simple to carry out and great fun. So, let’s get started:-

1: Download VLC Player

At this point, we will not discover the merits of VLC Media Player. It is the most popular multimedia player of PC, and little by little it is gaining ground in the smartphones as well.

It is not the player that provides the most quality image and sound, but it is one of the most compatible software and it does not consume many resources and is quite stable.

Along with the classic playback options, it includes very curious features, such as the ability to watch 3D movies, tune the television online or create playable puzzles with videos.

There are two easy steps to convert any video into a puzzle. With the help of the mouse, you can move the pieces and solve the challenge, while the video is reproduced inside. Spectacular and entertaining at the same time. Let’s explain how it is done.

First, download and install VLC if you do not have it installed on your computer. You can download it from the official website of VLC Media Player.

2: Video Selection

Choose a video to convert into a puzzle. Anyway, in any format, because VLC Media Player swallows everything. The duration does not matter because it will play in the loop while we make the puzzle.

You can use a personal video that you have recorded with your mobile. Just choose a video and play it to make sure it looks good. As in a real puzzle, the more uniform the image and the fewer colors, the more difficult the puzzle will be, because the pieces will be very similar.

3: Create the puzzle

Start VLC Media Player and load the video.

In the Tools menu go to Effects and filters.

Then go to the Video Effects tab and then look for the Geometry tab. Here you will see an option called Puzzle Game. Mark it.

Now it will show you the option to choose how many pieces the puzzle will have. Simply enter a number in the Rows and Columns boxes. The bigger the pieces, the smaller the puzzle. Now after setting the numbers simply press the Close button to generate and play the puzzle.

Will you be able to solve it?

Drag the pieces with the mouse and make them fit. It is not easy because the video reproduces inside, and it changes the design of the pieces.

As you can see, it barely took a couple of minutes to convert a video into a playable puzzle with VLC Media Player. An entertaining challenge for all ages let’s have fun!

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