Google’s New Triangle App Will Help You Earn & Save Mobile Data

Do not know what to do to surf the Internet from your mobile without ending your mobile rate before reaching the end of the month? The excessive and uncontrolled consumption of this expense – despite the existing tricks – is one of the concerns of the users that we navigate through our smartphone. Although now it seems to have a solution. Google is testing the free app called Triangle to save mobile data.

This tool extends an option already included in the device, by which we can selectively control the consumption of apps. Facebook, Google Maps, and Instagram top the list of apps that more mobile data spend even if you do not use them on mobile phones with Android operating system. However, this connection manager has certain limitations.

With the new Triangle application from Google, we have the possibility to save mobile data by blocking the Internet access of each of those that we have installed on our device, and without altering the behavior of other applications. It is a very powerful tool that is responsible for restricting the access of the apps to the mobile data of each app, one by one.

How does Triangle work?

Once downloaded the application from the official Google App Store, we can limit access to the mobile data network of the apps we want. Let’s individually select each app one by one, limiting consumption to 10 minutes, 30 minutes or without restriction. This way we will be able to spend the data in the minimum possible way and arrive without any problems at the end of the month without recharging any extra data packs.

Another function of Google’s new Triangle application is that we can see a balance of monthly data spending, apps that spend more data, download and try other applications without risk to run out of them and get additional ones. Together they are a multitude of interesting options to save your mobile data.

The bad news is that currently it is undergoing testing in the Philippines and it is not known if it will be extended to other countries soon.

So, do you people think about this amazing data saving application from Google? Share your views in the comment section below.

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