YouTube Just Introduced A New Feature To Make Money

YouTube Just Introduced A New Feature To Make Money

YouTube Just Introduced A New Feature To Make Money

We recently saw how Facebook is thinking of new ways to monetize its users, through the videos. Thus, through advertising embedded in the midst of the creators’ videos, Mark Zuckerberg’s company aims to make its nascent video business profitable. On the contrary, YouTube wants to make use of the money of its users through YouTube Super Chat.

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YouTube Super Chat will be leveraged in the live videos of this Google service. The company, which has been slow to bring this service to its users, aims to respond to a problem that occurs in live broadcasts when there are many users watching: comments on live videos are often lost.

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So, the solution is easy: pay for your messages to stand out in the crowd. According to the company: “Anyone who is watching a live stream will be able to buy a super chat: a live chat message that will stand out in the crowd to receive more attention from your favorite creator. Super Chats stay on top for up to five hours, which will give your messages more visibility.”

The money raised through YouTube Super Chat will allow creators to have additional revenue streams and improve their closeness with their most loyal fans.

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