This Class 9 Dropout Kid Can Make A Computer From Any Leftover Tech

This Class 9 Dropout Kid Can Make A Computer From Any Leftover Tech

This Class 9 Dropout Kid Can Make A Computer From Any Leftover Tech

What if I say you all that you can make a computer from scrap? It sounds really crazy and impossible right, but, a 16-year-old boy who is a class IX dropout student from Ghatkopar, Mumbai has made this possible.

Yes, Jayant Parab from Ghatkopar, Mumbai, India can simply make computers from scrap, though it may sound impossible, but it’s true as it already happened.

Jayant Parab’s Father, Ravindra Parab was once a scrap dealer, but, now his father collects the scrap parts of computers and other hardware that are old and defective from banks, schools, offices and even from hospitals as well.

However, Jayant started doing various experiments simply to create a computer from those scraps that his father use to collect from various places. But, anyhow Jayant managed to build a fully working computer from those scraps.

Here is what the brilliant boy, Jayant Parab stated “I want to make affordable computers. The computer I have made is from leftovers from offices, banks, and hospitals”.

While tending to his discovery Jayant said that “The screen is similar to one we usually see in operation theaters. It is not a real computer. I just used bits and pieces from here and there, and acrylic for the body, which I cut myself. What you see is the first step towards accomplishing my dream”.

As we mentioned earlier that the Brilliant boy Jayant Parab followed his dad Ravindra Parab in collecting the leftover scrap from various places on this Jayant’s father, Ravindra Parab said “He picked up things he thought he could use at home. In Std V, Jayant fixed a laptop that an office had disposed of. That was the time I sort of knew that he would end up in the field of computers”.

Notwithstanding having that much of talent, Jayant’s gather, Ravindra preferred to drop out of school in which his father said: “Jayant had no interest in studies and that distressed me”. However, Jayant’s father, of course, Ravindra Parab was impressed with his son’s vision and what his son Jayant does.

Moreover, the brilliant boy, Jayant still haven’t given up his education completely, as currently, Jayant is pursuing his Class Xth education from St. Teresa High School which is situated in Andheri.

Later, the brilliant boy also added that “I am also learning about ethical hacking and security systems through a course on computers. As I want to ultimately revolutionize the e-waste industry”.

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