This Smartphone Security Comparison Gives Apple’s iPhones Top Post

This Smartphone Security Comparison Gives Apple's iPhones Top Post

This Smartphone Security Comparison Gives Apple’s iPhones Top Post

The updates have always been one of the tricky topics of Android. The tech giant Google launches a version of Android a year, but it is the responsibility of manufacturers to update their phones to that version. This is where things go wrong because manufacturers and operators could do a much better job when it comes to updating. Something that highlights the latest study published by SecurityLab.

Manufacturers that better and worse in providing updates

The only two manufacturers that manage to save the furniture, and by little, are two known. One is Google in the hands of the Pixel and the deceased Nexus, and the other is the newcomer Essential. Both updates in a matter of days regarding the official release and both have reasonable periods of the release of updates. They are not the best, but they do not do anything wrong.

The rest of brands do not even manage to reach the level that Google or Essential brand does. Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, Huawei, LG, Samsung or Motorola are in the middle of the table. The bottom, the manufacturers that do the worst, is reserved for OnePlus, Honor, HTC, Blu and Wiko.

And the failures of these manufacturers are several. For starters, updates take weeks to reach the last available phone, when they do not take months. The rest of devices always have to wait for weeks or months. Not to mention the updates of the operators, which take whole quarters. In addition, most do not update beyond a year and a half.

Android, the worst system for updates

The only brand able to take note in all sections is the tech giant Apple. Its updates reach devices quickly, and each iPhone has 4 or 5 years of security updates. Not to mention that the updates are independent to the operators, something that almost does not happen in Android. So, according to to the study, iPhones are the most safest smartphones currently present in the market.

Although it is even more bleeding than Microsoft, hand in hand with the late Windows Phone, score higher than Android. The third place does not correspond to Android either. PrivaOS, a variant created by Silent Circle under the premise of security, has more constant updates.

We already knew that Android updates are one of the pending tasks of Google. And steps have already been taken in that direction, such as the creation of Project Treble. But that does not mean that the situation of Android updates is currently uncertain at least. And there is still a lot to do if we want to see real changes.

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