7 Things Only Apple’s iPhone X Can Do And The iPhone 8 Can’t

7 Things Only Apple's iPhone X Can Do And The iPhone 8 Can't

7 Things Only Apple’s iPhone X Can Do And The iPhone 8 Can’t

The tech giant Apple announced last Tuesday three new iPhones: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models are only improvements over the generation 7, but the iPhone X is quite different from everything that the tech giant Apple has shown until today, bringing a series of exclusive functions that no other device will bring, even its newly launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can’t do those things.

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The following is a list of functions that only iPhone X can do but iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can’t:-

1. OLED screen with HDR

OLED technology has gained momentum in recent years, becoming increasingly strong in the TV market and now slowly penetrating the mobile market as well. The technology brings real gains in battery consumption and tends to bring more vivid colors, with high contrast (but maybe too saturated). The combination with HDR tends to bring even greater image quality, then hardly which is possible in others.

One of the main advantages in the image quality that the OLED offers on the LCD is the black color. By allowing each pixel to be lit or erased independently, OLED is able to offer real blacks. The LCD, in turn, has a back lighting behind the entire screen, so that black will always be at most a dark gray.

2. Best battery

The tech giant Apple does not report battery capacity, but the information the company releases puts iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus at about the same level of battery life as iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, respectively. However, the iPhone X has 2 hours more battery life over last year’s models, so you can expect longer usage with a single recharge.

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To optimize the usage time of the mobile, it is advisable to prefer apps in dark mode, which also applies to the backgrounds in iPhone X, making the most of the OLED screen unused.

3. Better camera

Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus have two rear cameras: one telephoto lens and the other wide-angle. However, the tech giant Apple has put some extra improvements in the iPhone X camera, especially with the stabilization in the two lenses. The iPhone 8 Plus is only capable of stabilizing the image on the wide-angle camera, making telephoto images more susceptible to shakings.

Another change is that the aperture of the telephoto lens of the iPhone 8 Plus is only f/2.8, while the iPhone X is f/2.4, which provides greater light input and allows faster and better quality photos in dark environments.

4. Face ID

As the iPhone X does not have the Touch ID fingerprint reader, the tech giant Apple has bet on facial recognition as biometric authentication technology. As the feature requires a series of specific sensors so that the phone is not get easily fooled with a photo, for example (happens with Samsung cell phones), while the iPhone 8 does not win the feature.

5. Portrait mode with the front camera

Thanks to the same sensors that allow the TouchID, the tech giant Apple can apply the portrait mode, which depends on two cameras, on the front lens of the iPhone X. For those unfamiliar, portrait mode allows you to separate the object from the photo from the background, blurring what’s in the background and creating an effect similar to that of much more advanced DSLR cameras.

6. Front camera light control

One of the new features introduced by Apple was Portrait Lighting, which is a tool that allows you to adjust the illumination in a photo in portrait mode, in a way that virtually eliminates all light from the image, except on the person’s face, creating a quite interesting effect.

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However, only the iPhone X can do this with selfies, just by the extra sensors on the front of the phone. On other models, you can only do this on the rear camera.

7. Animoji

One of the most uncommon novelties presented during the Apple event is the Animojis. The feature uses the facial recognition system to animate emoji according to user expressions. Thus, it is possible to send audio messages proclaimed by an excited emoji with their expressions the moment you said your words.

Again, the feature is only available in the iPhone X as it has specific sensors for it, so earlier models will not be able to take advantage of the Animojis feature.

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