Top 5 Free Online Virus Scan Websites

Top 5 Free Online Virus Scan Websites

Top 5 Free Online Virus Scan Websites

The online virus scan tools for virus scanning and removal are a valuable tool for those users who do not want or can not have an antivirus installed on their device or want to be absolutely sure of the reliability of a suspicious file.

These file scanning services allow you to scan a particular file using the threat search engines that are included in the paid antivirus that you could install on your computer. So, in this way, you get the same result as if you submitted the file to the analysis of the main antivirus on the market, but without having installed any of them.

These free websites to scan and eliminate viruses can also serve to avoid the false positives of your antivirus that alerts you about a malicious file, when in fact it may not be such a thing. Sending this file to any of these websites to scan for viruses will give you a “second opinion” that will give you more information to decide if you can open the file safely or not.

1. Jotti

We started our selection of the best free websites to scan and eliminate viruses with a real veteran in the online analysis of files for viruses: Jotti.

Because of its ease of use even for the most inexperienced users, Jotti is a basic tool for obtaining a second opinion about the reliability of a file.

Its operation is very simple, simply you have to drag the suspicious file to the browser where the online Jotti antivirus page is open and automatically recognizes it and starts scanning it to look for malware and other threats to the security of your computer.

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Jotti is tremendously useful thanks to the ability to upload files up to 100 MB, well above most online malware detection tools found on the Internet.

Jotti also has a desktop client that you can install on your Windows computer and that will allow you to analyze the files more easily since the tool is responsible for sending it and display the result of the different online antivirus engines that will analyze the file and you will even be able to upload multiple files simultaneously without having to open the browser.

2. ThreatExpert

Another well-known online virus scanner is ThreatExpert, which makes use of the file upload formula at its service to scan them online with various antivirus engines.

ThreatExpert is positioned as one of the best websites to scan and eliminate free viruses thanks to the reliability of its results, despite having the great inconvenience of not allowing the upload of files larger than 5 MB, something that can become an obstacle insurmountable if the file or executable has a higher weight.

The service analyzes online antivirus ThreatExpert also has a desktop client that lets you upload files directly from your computer, but keeps the weight limitation on file of 5MB always scarce.

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On the other hand, this scanning service also has a tool called ThreatExpert Memory Scanner that, once executed on your computer, allows to analyze the processes running in memory and identify malware or viruses running that camouflage after services in legitimate appearance.

In addition to scanning tools and utilities for detecting viruses and threats, ThreatExpert offers a comprehensive database of malware and virus information that has been found in files submitted by other users and can be very useful for getting rid of infections on your PC.

3. ESET Online Scanner

The free online services for scanning and virus removal not only work up on file and analyzing it with various detection tools. Security companies of recognized prestige such as ESET also offer their services of analysis of devices in the cloud to detect and eliminate viruses in your computer for free.

To achieve this, you only have to access ESET Online Scanner and, after registering your name and an email address, download the tool that allows the remote analysis.

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Then, you only have to start the tool that will not need any installation. Before starting the scan, ESET Online Scanner will download the signature database to find known viruses, worms, malware, and Trojans.

From the program settings, you can tell it to directly delete the malware it finds, so it will further simplify the disinfection of the device. For this reason, ESET Online Scanner is considered one of the best online tools to scan and eliminate viruses.

4. Metadefender 

Metadefender is one of the best websites for scanning and eliminating viruses as it allows uploading files up to 140 MB in size to scan it with more than 40 top antivirus engines, such as Kaspersky, McAfee, AVG or BitDefender.

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In addition, this threat and malware scanning service allow you to upload files that are used to spread malware such as 7Z Zip files, RAR files, images, documents or the always dangerous EXE files. That way, you will not have to face any surprise by unzipping them. If you suspect a file you have downloaded, you can analyze it in Metadefender without decompressing it.

The way to upload files for analysis in Metadefender is really simple and allows both direct analysis of files, such as URLs or Hash values.

The result of the analysis is shown very clearly, which facilitates its use for the most inexperienced users. Just take a quick look at the results box at the top to decide if the file contains any threats or it is clean.

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Metadefender also has a desktop client operating from the cloud. So, if you suspect your computer may be infected by a virus or malware, you can download it from the Metadefender website and run it (without installing it) to scan your entire computer for viruses or malware.

If you prefer, you can also install the extension of Metadefender for Chrome and analyze more quickly the files and URLs that you use during your navigation.

5. VirusTotal

We arrived at the end of this selection of the best websites to scan and eliminate viruses with one of the pioneers in the online analysis of files: VirusTotal.

The security portal VirusTotal, currently owned by the tech giant Google, has a strong and powerful accent as it was created by Google’s computer security experts.

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VirusTotal has a really simple operation, which allows any user to upload a file with a maximum size of 128 MB and analyze it simultaneously with the 58 most powerful antivirus and anti-malware engines of the moment. When it finishes that scan for viruses, it shows the results of all of them and marks the reliability of the file based on the results obtained.

The online virus scanning service also has an extension that you can install in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to analyze the reliability of the pages you visit or scan a certain URL with VirusTotal.

Virustotal, like many other online scanning and analysis services, also allows sending files via e-mail and, thanks to VirusTotal’s Windows, MacOS and Linux desktop client, allows you to send multiple files simultaneously or scan all active processes on the computer at that time to unmask malware that tries to camouflage itself after genuine services.

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