Top 7 Common Tech Myths You Believe That You Shouldn’t

Top 7 Common Tech Myths You Believe That You Shouldn't

Top 7 Common Tech Myths You Believe That You Shouldn’t

The DNA of our ancestors helped us to survive, but it still continues to play tricks on us.

Our ancestors, from prehistoric men to earlier times such as the Middle Ages, organized their existence around myths and beliefs that were not demonstrable or directly false. Since the Sun revolved around the Earth and our planet was the centre of the Universe, until you can die if the sorceress of the tribe gives you an evil eye.

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Why do we believe in myths? We tend to believe what best fits our mental scheme or what makes us feel better (even if it is false). The myth and post-truth use a simple rule that is widely used in politics and social networks: repeat a lie a million times, and people will end up believing that it is true.

This simple norm has knocked down governments, has put authentic servants in power, and made us accept as true, myths of technology that are completely false.

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Since Techcaption is a technological website, we will leave politicians, demagogues and fortune-tellers for other media, and we will focus on bringing to light seven myths about technology that you should not continue to believe.

Here are the biggest tech myths mentioned below:-

1. If the signal has many bars, the connection is fast.

2. The more Megapixels you have, the better the camera.

3. Private browsing is 100% private.

4. Unofficial chargers spoil the battery.

5. With a magnet, you can damage a hard drive.

6. The battery has to be completely discharged before recharging.

7. Manufacturers make a lot of money with $900 mobiles.

So, what do you think about these biggest tech myths? Simply share all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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