WoW! WhatsApp’s New Update Brings An Excellent New Feature

WoW! WhatsApp’s New Update Brings An Excellent New Feature

WoW! WhatsApp’s New Update Brings An Excellent New Feature

A WhatsApp tool that not many people know is the number change. If you make a portability you can migrate all your data to a new account. However, this function had a big mistake that until now the company had not corrected.

Notify your contacts about the change of number, the new WhatsApp feature

If you have ever made a portability you will have asked if it is possible to change and migrate all our WhatsApp data to our new number. The truth is that it is possible since the application has a tool that allows us to do it.

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Until today, this tool had a small problem, and even if our information was migrated, our contacts were not sure that our telephone number had changed, having to manually send a message to all of our contacts (or at least, those who we are interested) with that new number. WhatsApp has decided to end this hassle, improving its tool to change the phone number.

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As WABetaInfo informs us, this function is being deployed by WhatsApp to the users of the beta version, with version 2.18.97. If you have not received this update yet, you can download it from APKMirror, although we remind you that it is a beta version, and therefore may contain errors.

What does this new function add?

Do you wonder how this new change works? It is very simple:-

Simply go to Settings -> Account -> Change Number. We will have to enter our current number and our new phone number to make the change. The novelty in the function is that from now on, before making the change it will inform us if we want to notify our contacts about the change of number. The options proposed by the application are the following:-

  • Do not notify.
  • Notify users with whom you have a chat.
  • Custom.

Once confirmed, the users that we have chosen will receive the information in a chat. It should be noted that all the groups in which you are will also receive notification. The question that this poses to us is: What if someone who does not want us to find out about the change of number is in a group?

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At the moment, this feature is in the beta version, but it will be a matter of time that ends up reaching all users.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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