YouTube: No More Hacking Videos

YouTube: No More Hacking Videos

YouTube: No More Hacking Videos

The tech giant Google’s well-known video platform, YouTube recently updated the list of content that are not allowed in it. Yes, now YouTube will not tolerate the material that considers harmful, or dangerous things, like the videos that present the methods or tutorial of phishing or hacking, of course, hacking videos. These are some of the changes, that are already placed on the Google platform.

Namely, the main contents that have now been banned from the platform are related to the practices of hacking. Like the ways to prepare and implement a phishing attack, as well as any guide that teaches how to be a hacker, or that promotes practices like these. In short, the tech giant Google now more tolerate all these things in its platform.

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The new rules of YouTube

As we told that the tech giant Google’s well-known video platform, YouTube prohibits videos and publications in which the user can learn to bypass the defense mechanisms of a computer, in simple word, hacking tutorials. In summary, there will be zero tolerance for the distribution and practice of digital offenses.

Videos that raged through the platform, sometimes in an almost hilarious way and in full “daylight”. A simple YouTube search for “how to set a phishing page” will show you tons of results. At the same time, also a search for keywords like “hacker” and “hacking social networks” was full of videos.

Moreover, banning the aforementioned terms, YouTube will also remove any damaging and explicit challenge from its platform. Topics like the controversial Tide Pod that led hundreds of people to ingest detergent capsules and posting the results on Google’s video platform.

The same applies to violent episodes like shootings, yes, it also prohibits videos that promote or overuse dangerous practices and eating disorders, like bulimia.

According to several users and creators of content, the platform has already begun to warn them. As they can be penalized if they try to post videos with these themes which are prohibited by the platform, but there is always a gray margin. Of course, I am talking about the practice of ethical and educational hacking.

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In other words, certain legitimate tutorials and guides are in danger, something that is already provoking criticism by some creators who underline the platform’s inability to separate illicit practices from legitimate teaching from practices of protection against threats.

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