This 11-Year-Old Stuns Security Experts By Weaponizing A Teddy Bear

This 11-Year-Old Stuns Security Experts By Weaponizing A Teddy Bear

This 11-Year-Old Stuns Security Experts By Weaponizing A Teddy Bear

Reuben Paul has become a phenomenon in recent times thanks to a milestone that seems within reach of a few adult computer experts, to hack through the Internet of Things. As it could not be less, the object used to hack was typical of the young Reuben’s age, 11 years old. Nothing more and nothing less than his teddy bear.

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This young Texas student, Reuben Paul made a demonstration during a cyber security conference held in the Netherlands, where he won the praises of the attending experts, according to the Guardian.

Reuben Paul wanted to show how in the age of Internet of Things a toy like a teddy bear can become a weapon that can compromise the privacy of children and adults. This is not the first time this child has hacked a toy, he has done it in the past with a remote control car as well.

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The teddy bear in question received Bluetooth messages and connected to the cloud via the wifi. During the conference, the young man Reuben was able to detect the numbers of several of the attendees to the talk and used one of them to accede to the teddy bear system.

He then used the Python programming language to record one of his messages and send it to listeners, whose devices he had accessed using the bear. “I just showed how I can connect to anyone on the network and have Bluetooth and send messages through audio. Even a toy could give you orders” said the young boy, Reuben Paul.

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This young man now tries to set up an organization called CyberShaolin with which he tries to give visibility and inform families about the dangers that hide in any object connected to the network, even those directed to the little ones.

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