This Teenager Hacked 4G LTE Network And Is Using Free Internet

This Teenager Hacked 4G LTE Network And Is Using Free Internet

This Teenager Hacked 4G LTE Network And Is Using Free Internet

What if I say you all that recently someone managed to hack 4G network and able to get unlimited internet? Yes, it may sound bit odd, but it is true and you can get it as well. Recently, a student at the Thomas Jefferson Institute of Science and Technology in Virgina, the United States, known as, Jacob Ajit managed to hack the 4G network in a moment of boredom and got unlimited free internet access from his mobile.

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Here is what Jacob Ajit stated, “I had a prepaid SIM card from TMobile on a phone that I had not activated, so I came up with a fun challenge: is it possible to access the internet from some Form without a data rate?”.

However, the student, Ajit wanted to tell how he did it from a phone that had internet access but asked him to start browsing that he went through the box and acquired a data plan. He decided to take a detour and see if he could get away.

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“The first thing was to browse through this portal, click on the links and try to escape, some links did not work and others did, in a somewhat random way”. From there, it went to the ‘apps’. He tried to open a few and check if, even without a data plan, he could use them or not.

Not many, but Speedtest, an application to measure the quality and speed of the connection to the network did seem to have permission to download information. “I realized that I was accessing a SpeedTest server on TMobile. Just in case I tried to switch to a server from a neutral actor, and it kept working.”

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To continue his efforts, Ajit needed to understand how Speedtest works. Further Ahit stated “I decided to snoop a little by connecting the phone to the computer, so I understood a little better how Speedtest works, downloading images hosted on several URLs. The only similarity between them was the folder called/speedtest in which the contents were stored”.

So the student assumed that he would be able to access any content sent from a folder named/speedtest. He tested his theory by creating a folder named/speedtest on his own website, filling it with content (among other things a video clip by Taylor Swift, explains in his text). Then created a proxy server, which allows users to access any web with this method.

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“Now he could download data through the TMobile network without having to pay anything or sign any contract,” concludes Ajit. It has even created the web from which any customer of this operator could take advantage of the same trick.

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