CHRONO TRIGGER APK Latest Version Download For Android

CHRONO TRIGGER APK Latest Version Download For Android

CHRONO TRIGGER APK Latest Version Download For Android

Games are basically a set of activities that are performed for recreational or fun, which involve the enjoyment of those who practice it. The game establishes differences with work, art, and even sports, so it does not imply a necessary obligation to be specified. Even, the game can be used for educational purposes as an educational tool as well.

The game can be one of the ways to enjoy leisure time, as an entertainment mode. While the game has specific rules (any of which is practiced), its difference with the sport is that the latter not only has clear rules but that is practiced within a sports institution and requires determination, teamwork, and obsession.

While the game is different. Think, for example, of a board game where only two participants play: they can play when they want, they do not need to train to play such a day of the week, and even if the goal is to win, if it is not won, it is not a significant defeat. The same example works for any other game, such as those organized in birthday celebrations.

Like almost all aspects of our lives, the technological advance also transformed the ways of playing, first, with video games, those devices that were called “console” and some cassettes that were inserted to start playing.

Then, the same but in “hand” versions: small devices like those of Nintendo. Finally, the computer, and today we can even play through applications on social networks like Facebook or on our smartphones as well.

What is Video Game?

A video game is an interactive entertainment-oriented application that, through certain controls, simulates experiences on the screen of a television, computer or other electronic devices.

Video games differ from other forms of entertainment, in that they must be interactive; like users must be actively involved with the content.

Basically, the concept of the video game is used to refer to an interactive digital game, regardless of its physical support. They can be very different from each other, both in complexity and in graphics quality and subject matter.

That’s it this what the video game means. However, today in this article I will talk about an amazing game which is known as CHRONO TRIGGER Apk.


CHRONO TRIGGER APK Latest Version Download For Android


Want the best games for Android? It is quite general question whenever we thought of playing any game on our Android phone or tablets. However, we all know that the newest and especially those that offer a good amount of fun are the best.

But, what if I say that not the newest games are always best, sometimes, no no, many times we have experienced that old is gold. There are tons of classic and high graphics games are available for Android devices, but among them, not all are good addictive. Hence, I will talk about an amazing game which is known as CHRONO TRIGGER as we told earlier.

So, CHRONO TRIGGER is basically a game that originally came out for Super Nintendo in 1995 and that we can now enjoy on our Android devices.

CHRONO TRIGGER is a role-playing game created by Yuji Horii (Dragon Quest), Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) and the creators of Final Fantasy that offered us a revolutionary gameplay and a story full of incredible adventures with time travel.

CHRONO TRIGGER Android has a price of Rs.800, includes the two additional zones seen in the Nintendo DS version (Dimensional Vortex and Forgotten Sanctuary), has controls adapted to the touch screen and improved graphics. And not only that even this amazing game is also available in multiple languages. However, don’t worry about the price, as in this article I will provide you all the direct CHRONO TRIGGER APK.

Features of Chrono Trigger Apk

Well, without any doubt, Chrono Trigger Apk is one of the best Android game which you can ever play. Apart from all of these, the game comes with lots of exciting features which we are going to list down below. So, lets check out some of the awesome features of the app.

  • Active Time Battle Version 2

It means that during the battle, the time will simply not stop, and you can simply enter your desired commands when the character’s scale is full. Moreover, the enemies’ points will vary as time moves, so simply you have to choose all your actions based on any given situation.

  • Tech moves and combos

This feature means that during the battle, you can simply unleash special Tech moves, and not only that even the characters can combine these abilities to unleash all-new combo attacks which are unique to them. Moreover, if we talk about the combos then let me clarify that in total there are over 50 different types of combos that you can simply perform between two and three characters.

  • Experience the ‘Dimensional Vortex’ and the ‘Lost Sanctum’ dungeons

The Dimensional Vortex is a mysterious, ever-changing dungeon existing outside of space and time. While the Lost Sanctum is mysterious gates in prehistoric and medieval times that will lead you to these forgotten chambers.

  • Graphics and sound

Now let’s talk about the graphics and sound of the game, the dev team of the game has updated the graphics of the game in higher resolution simply keep the atmosphere of the game original. While now if we talk about the sound and music, then let clarify that under the supervision of composer Yasunori Mitsuda, all songs have been updated for an even more immersive gameplay experience.

  • Autosave feature

The most important and efficient feature of the game, yes, the Autosave. In addition to saving at a save point or choosing to quit from the menu, your whole progress gets saved automatically while crossing the map.

These are the five best features of CHRONO TRIGGER app. Apart from the listed feature, the CHRONO TRIGGER game comes with a user-friendly UI and consumes very less amount of RAM.


Now you are fully aware of CHRONO TRIGGER APK and its features, its time to head towards the download section of the article. Below this paragraph, we are going to provide you with the latest version of CHRONO TRIGGER APK which you can install and play on your Android smartphone or tablet. Make sure to download the Apk file from trusted sources like us.

App TypeAPK
App Version2.0.2
App Size6.1 MB
App RequiresAndroid 4.2 and up
App LicensePaid
Root AppNo
Available LanguageMultiple Language

Above, we have shared the latest version of CHRONO TRIGGER APK which you can download for free on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you are facing any problem with the download link or if you find a broken link, then make sure to remind us in the comment section below. Always make sure to download the CHRONO TRIGGER latest APK from trusted sources like us to avoid any security issues.


First of all, let me clear that using CHRONO TRIGGER APK is very easy. As you can start the app, of course, directly from your app drawer or mobile desktop. Now, simply you have to tap on the app to open CHRONO TRIGGER game.

#1 First of all, download the CHRONO TRIGGER APK file on your Android smartphone or tablet and make sure to save it in a safe location.

#2 In the next step, you need to enable the Unknown Sources on your Android smartphone, for that, head to the Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources and then enable the Unknown Sources.

#3 Now simply head to the location, where you have saved CHRONO TRIGGER APK file and install it normally.

#4 Once done, you need to open your Android’s app drawer and then tap on CHRONO TRIGGER.

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can download, install and play CHRONO TRIGGER APK on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you are facing any problem while installing the app, then make sure to discuss with us in the comments.

So, what do you think about CHRONO TRIGGER APK for android? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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