WoW! Microsoft Launched A New Version Of Windows 10

WoW! Microsoft Launched A New Version Of Windows 10

WoW! Microsoft Launched A New Version Of Windows 10

Users of Windows 10, especially the Insider program, are noticing a large flow of updates recently, this is because in a couple of weeks we will be welcoming the Spring Creators Update, and these movements are usually normal to have everything ready for the launch of this great new update.

Although it should be noted that not all of these updates for insiders will be seen with the Spring Creators Update, as some are from the Redstone 5 that will arrive until October, for example, the 17634 build for the Skip Ahead Ring that includes changes to the Calendar and Cortana Show Me.

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Now it’s the turn of the Slow Ring, which is receiving the 17133 build with some general changes, but with a particular feature that has to do with upcoming updates of Windows 10.

Testing new updated systems

The tech giant Microsoft announced on its blog that the 17133 build is already available to the Slow Ring insiders and is also expected to be the RTM version of the Windows 10 Spring Creators update.

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Something important of this update and that Microsoft has reported is that this version is being used to test the engineering systems responsible for the implementation of Windows 10 updates, that is, they are being tested for the following operating system updates, fact, Microsoft has promised that the Spring Creators Update would be installed in an average time of half an hour, thanks precisely to these changes in their systems.

Due to the previous thing, not all the insiders of the Fast Ring will have available immediately this new build, but they will have to be able to install it soon.

General, best changes and corrections

  • Fixed a problem that caused some devices with BitLocker enabled to start unexpectedly in BitLocker recovery on recent flights.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented changing the screen resolution when there were 4 or more monitors connected, due to the confirmation query that was hung when “Keep changes” was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the suggested search terms when writing to the Microsoft Edge URL address bar did nothing.

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Known errors

Currently there is no known major problem for this flight, however, if it discovers any problem based on insider information, you will be informed on the blog.

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