Now You Can Create Ransomware Without Any Coding Skills

Now You Can Create Ransomware Without Any Coding Skills

Now You Can Create Ransomware Without Any Coding Skills

According to a report, just discovered a new ransomware Android creation kit for Android and these days it is spreading in various hacking forums and other websites like social networks, most of the portals, of Chinese origin.

It is not surprising that security is increasingly a concern for users around the world, whether we talk about desktop environments or mobile devices. Keep in mind that this new tool that is running on the Net is characterized because it does not need any coding or programming skills to generate a variant of ransomware in very few steps.

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Therefore, the cybercriminals simply need to make a single payment to be able to get hold of this tool and start creating unlimited variants of this type of malware, in this case for the tech giant Google’s Android operating system.

That is why, among other things, we must be more careful when we move on the Internet or access certain portals, experts recommend following a series of safety guidelines to avoid future dislikes. So, now those days are gone when attackers had to write their own scripts and run exploits to gain access to the computers and devices of their victim.

Nowadays there are several alternatives that can be used to create malware without any previous programming knowledge or more in-depth hacking details.

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We need to be an expert to create ransomware

The case we are dealing with was recently discovered by Dinesh Venkateshan of Symantec, as he saw an Android- based application specially designed to develop Android ransomware fully functional and extremely simple.

It must be taken into account that the entire process of creating ransomware, in this case, is automated with the help of a DAME ( Device-Aided Malware Engineering) tool model. This novel application for creating ransomware for Android operating systems have been detected in different hacking forums and in Chinese social networks but it is spreading to all regions.

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Another problem for potential victims is that it has an interface very easy to use and affordable features which can be customized sections as the creation of Icon that will be used for malware, the key to unlocking the device, the message an animation that will be displayed on the infected device will be displayed on the locked screen, etc.

So, for all we know, the application imitates the behavior of Lockdroid and the whole process of creating the malware is done on the smartphone itself and without the need to write a single line of code.

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