Facebook Wants You To Pay For Reading And Playing

Facebook Wants You To Pay For Reading And Playing

Facebook Wants You To Pay For Reading And Playing

Facebook has long since ceased to be simply a social network. As a company, it has under its control those that are possibly the most fashionable services in the West: WhatsApp and Instagram.

As a platform, it is used to communicate but also to be aware of the news and of course to play games. It is true that the golden age of the platform in this regard, with Farmville and the like, passed long, but it remains an important nucleus.

That’s why the firm of Mark Zuckerberg is studying how to monetize its users. We are not talking about advertising, or at least not only that but to establish payment walls or purchases within the applications.

Subscriptions to read articles

One of the tests being carried out by the company is to establish payment walls through subscriptions to read articles from reputed media.

Through these modifications, when we click on an article that interests us to read but the publication has established that it is for payment Facebook will show us a banner that will invite us to subscribe.

Each means can establish the operation you want, from putting some free articles to making them all for payment and in any case, the benefit will always be for online publishing, Facebook will not keep anything.

Shopping inside the Facebook Messenger games

Within the great platform that is the social network par excellence there are other integrated platforms. One of them is Messenger, which allows to develop bots or games for it.

In this last section, we have news that creators can establish video ads to monetize their creations. In addition, Facebook will enable a new set of tools that will allow you to enter purchases within the applications to further enhance the economic performance of them.

Gradually we move from advertising to payment

Although it may seem like a long time between us, the Internet and the creation of online content are quite new. Up to now, it seems that advertising has served to maintain the production costs of this type of products but it seems that little by little we are approaching the moment in which to pay will be something rather more habitual.

It does not seem that Facebook is the most appropriate place to establish such strategies in terms of the average user profile, although it is true that having billions of people registered few places will be so interesting to verify if payment for content is viable in the medium term.

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