Google Just Launched Its Own Instagram-Like App

Google Just Launched Its Own Instagram-Like App

Google Just Launched Its Own Instagram-Like App

In order to test its new development platform, Firebase, the tech giant Google has developed some test applications.

Friendly Pix is an example of such applications, being a fully functional service, very similar to Instagram.

The tech giant Google has been focused on developing Firebase, a web development and mobile app platform that offers hosting, synchronization, notification, and crash reporting services.

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The tests have already begun, and the Friendly Pix is ​​one of the results. According to GitHub, Friendly Pix is ​​an example of a multi-platform application developed with Firebase to showcase its capabilities.

Friendly Pix – A copy of Instagram developed in Firebase

Friendly Pix is ​​a web application developed in Firebase that resembles Instagram. While the tech giant Google claims that it is only for demonstration and not for consumer use, this app is functional and allows you to sign in via Google or Facebook, as well as upload photos or view the publications feed. There is also the possibility to like, comment or even report some content.

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In the background, all the operation and appearance resembles Instagram, with Friendly Pix being a copy/competitor of the Facebook service. This application already has the button of new posts recently presented for Instagram and the publications appear in chronological order.

To access Friendly Pix you can use the website or iOS app that was uploaded to the App Store last week. As for Android, there is still no prediction as to when it will or will not even exist.

Although the tech giant Google claims that it is just an experience, like so many others that it usually does, the truth is that this application has been well accepted and more and more users have joined this social network.

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The tech giant Google’s experience with social networking has not been the best after Google+ has not been as successful as it might be, but that might be a solution to explore. Although assumed to be a test, the fact that this application is functional and ready to use may represent an unofficial attempt to test the application to realize its acceptance.

So, to know more simply we have to wait and see if the tech giant Google will keep Friendly Pix just as a demonstration or if it will go after the success it has had and will make it officially available.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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