Now Google Search Has A New Speed Test Tool

Now Google Search Has A New Speed Test Tool

Although the tech giant Google has jumped to fame as a search engine, at present it is much more than that. The page that once represented absolute simplification is now full of features and options; all with the aim of spending more time on Google than on other websites, of course.

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That’s why, with just one search, you have access to all sorts of tools, bits of information, and even games. And of course, we also have a speed test now.

The tech giant Google does not hesitate to help us to check our internet speed so, that we have enough speed to enjoy their services.

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Not only that, but we must remember that in the US the tech giant Google offers its own Internet service by fiber, Google Fiber; the plan was to force operators to improve their service by offering the necessary competition. Sadly, the tech giant Google Fiber at present is only available for the United States users.

Although we do not use Google Fiber, we can use its own speed test, created in collaboration with SpeedTest. It’s very simple and straight forward, but sometimes that’s the only thing we want.

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We just have to press the “play” button, and it will start to check the internet speed. The bad thing is that the servers are in the US, so the results may not be completely correct.

Speed test built into Google

Therefore, it may be more advisable to use the test built into Google’s own search. This test has been created in collaboration with Measurement Lab, and you can use servers closer to you.

We can make it appear with a simple search for related terms. If we look for “speed test” or “speedtest”, a box will appear in which we are informed how it works, and then we can start the test by clicking on the button.

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The tech giant Google is not the only one that has aimed to present speed tests in a simple way. As Netflix is another service that benefits from the high-speed internet and therefore has its own test tool.

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