This Indian Boy Builds A Real-Life Iron Man Suit For Just $750

Engineering student Vimal Govind Manikandan and his team have designed and built in the state of Kerala, situated on the southwest side of India an exoskeleton or you can say the real-life Iron Man Suit operating cost of no more than $ 750.

The real-life Iron Man Suit weighs about 100 kilos and can lift up to 150 kilos. It’s cheaper analogues have a value of tens of thousands of dollars. For the time being, the invention has two disadvantages: the inability to move quickly due to its weight and the short duration of the device’s batteries.

However, the creator this amazing real-life Iron Man Suit, Vimal Govind Manikandan says that the “suit was actually inspired by action movies especially the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar that featured machines designed for use by the military and not only apart from Avatar it is quite also inspired by the Iron Man as well”.

According to the young man, at the time of building the machine were inspired by several action films, one of which is ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron as we told.

Last year the student introduced the Iron Man’s mechanical costume, the comic book character and the American film ‘Ironman’ to the public.

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