Is iPad pro waterproof or is the iPad Pro water resistant? (ANSWERED)

Is iPad pro waterproof or is the iPad Pro water resistant? (ANSWERED)

Is iPad pro waterproof or is the iPad Pro water resistant? (ANSWERED)

We all have more or less clear viewpoints on the subject like, is iPad Pro waterproof or is the iPad Pro water resistant?

Today in this article, we will get the exact viewpoint on this subject. In short, we will get to know the exact answer of “is iPad Pro waterproof or is the iPad Pro water resistant?”

However, this question is not completely resolved without the device, so, that’s why in this post, we are going to tell you what you should know about the iPad Pro water resistance.

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iPad Pro and water: A rare combination!

The reality is that electronic devices and water are not usually a very reliable combination, so the recommendation is that the far away they are from each other, the better for you and your iPad Pro.

Avoiding the splashes or any contact with water with the iPad Pro will keep your iPad away from many scares.

The biggest problem with electronic devices, and in this case, iPads, are the ports; it is the main threat by which water or any liquid can get inside the device and make it useless or make it brick.

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Is iPad Pro waterproof, or is the iPad Pro water resistant?

So, a short and simple answer to this quest is, “NO.” According to the tech-giant Apple, the iPad is not waterproof or water resistant.

As we mentioned in the line above, all users are more or less clear about the iPad Pro resistance against water or splashes or, in the event of an accident, the immersion of the device in some liquid.

Here, this happens due to Apple itself, but, in the case of the iPhone, we should thank Apple as it clearly specifies which certification iPhones offer.

However, the same thing does not happen with iPads, since the Cupertino company, Apple, does not specify anywhere whether or not the Apple tablet or iPads has any certification that protects it against water, liquids or splashes.

This also exempts Apple from having to repair any device if any liquid has damaged it since by not presenting any certification, the warranty will not cover any water damages.

Before that, you might be thinking that what about the other range, or several questions arising in your mind like?

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  • iPad Mini 6 water-resistant?
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  • Is the iPad Pro 11 water resistant?
  • Is the iPad 11 waterproof?
  • Is the new iPad Pro 12.9 waterproof?

So, if you have entered looking for the answer to these questions as well along with “is iPad Pro is waterproof?”

Then let me clarify that the official answer is to this question is, “NO.”

Since Apple does not specify it, and therefore, we should not assume that the iPad Pro is waterproof or iPad Pro is water resistant.

In this way, we recommend that you always be very careful with the iPad and keep it away from possible threats in the form of liquid that could make your device useless.

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Does the iPad Pro need any certification?

The question we ask ourselves now is, why is the iPhone certified against liquids and the iPad is not?

Perhaps because Apple considers that the exposure of the iPad to these external factors is actually lower as compared to the iPhone.

In short, if we analyze the common use of an iPad, it is rarely going to be exposed to damage by coming into contact with any liquid.

So, that’s why Apple has decided not to grant any certification against water or any liquid substance that can come into contact with the iPad Pro or any iPad launched till now.

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