Here’s The List Of Biggest Lies Told On The Internet That People Still Believe

Here's The List Of Biggest Lies Told On The Internet That People Still Believe

Here’s The List Of Biggest Lies Told On The Internet That People Still Believe

Since the first routers began to make annoying beeps when one picks up the phone, there have always been people trying to fool users.

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There were times when these Internet lies sought to cheat some money, discredit a brand or just scare people. But most of the time, it was simply “seeing as far as possible” our hoax.

We are talking about those first messages of “Messenger is made payment” or “if you do not share this seven times you will not find love”.

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All of them were relays that ended up saturating our inbox. Over time, the lies of the Internet became more and more subtle. It started Rickrolling, that to announce that you had the pictures of Scarlett Johansson naked and that following the link we find the video clip of “Never gonna give you up” by Rick Astley.

With Twitter and the microblogging, 4chan users discovered that if enough people were to share a lie in social networks, eventually people would come to believe it. Thus began that most recent stage in which the Internet “killed” celebrities, who suddenly received calls from their parents and friends because they had just read on the Internet that they had died.

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What we mean is that the history of Internet lies is long and tortuous. However, we have wanted to collect the 7 best/worst lies of the internet. Go over the list and if you have fallen into some … quiet, sure you are not the only ones.

1. Facebook does not feed for likes

Since the mothers came to Facebook, we can not count the number of people who are convinced that sharing a publication on a friend’s wall and clicking on “Like”, are helping a blind girl to see, or that children in a Somali village have a potable water supply and food. So, these type of campaigns is just hoax.

2. Apples have no plastic

One day a man found himself in front of a camera with a razor and an apple, and instead of eating it for the users (something that is proving to be quite profitable), he decided to scratch it. While doing so, he made sure that what they were giving us to eat in the fruit was poison. The video was viral at an incredible speed, and suddenly everyone was very alarmed by what came in the skin of apples.

3. Trap links

Not only on Facebook, now also on Twitter, clickbait or trap links are becoming more and more popular. And yet, on most occasions what is advertised to be found is completely false. In this case, it is not just a lie, it is a wide selection.

4. Fake subliminal messages

Yes, we know that over the years you have seen numerous proofs that Disney films are full of sexual innuendos, words written with stars and phallic forms hidden by the surroundings. Well, if you are a company that gets millions producing children’s movies, would you really put subliminal messages in them just to make fun of it? We do not believe it either.

5. Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

One of the most dangerous lies of the Internet, and certainly the one that has taken more lives. This story began in the United States, with Andrew Wakefield. This gentleman decided to disclose one of the history’s biggest scientific frauds: the measles, rubella and mumps vaccine (known as the triple virus) caused autism in children.

6. Lies and falsehoods of real life, which the Internet has helped to spread

To conclude, we are going to throw you a string of data that will probably bump you a little, but that is completely true. Or at least, they are according to the sources that we have consulted. If you have a different opinion, for that is the comments section. We will not believe you, but you can always give an opinion.

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