10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking: If you are following Techcaption regularly, there are higher chances that you are a very versatile hacker in your own right and don’t feel the need to know these commands.

However, on our facebook page, we have received some requests regarding Command prompt tricks. Some of our regular readers have asked us to share the most used CMD commands in hacking.

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Before I start, it’s best to tell you something about CMD. A command prompt is really a powerful tool which lets you do almost everything with your PC/Laptop.

10 Best CMD Commands Used In Hacking

Here in this post, I am going to share few CMD commands that are used by hackers. I will list out the command and its use which will make sure you got the very minute details regarding the commands.

1) ping

ping command allows users to know if the host they are pinging is alive or not. With this command, you can know the amount of time it took to reach the specific address.

You can type in command prompt ping which right now belongs to Google.

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2) nslookup

nslookup command had the wide variety of functionalities. This is actually a network administration command line tool which will help you to get the domain name or IP address mapping for any specific DNS records.

For example, type in nslookup www.google.com on the command prompt and it will tell you the IP address.

3) tracert

The name of the command says it all. The tracert command will help you to trace the route that a packet will travel to reach its destination.

You can enter commands like tracert x.x.x.x. (x is the IP address here) or else you can type in the name like tracert www.google.com

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4) arp

If you want to modify the ARP cache then ARP command will help you. This command is mostly used to find out if anyone has done arp poisoning into the LAN. you can use the command arp -a

5) route

Unlike tracert, the route command will show you everything in between what comes in the packet and its destination. It will show you the gateway, interface, routing table and metric.

To use this command type: route print

6) ipconfig

This is a common command and can be used by everyone who keeps less knowledge regarding computer’s core components. This command will list out the IP address, Gateway, DNS and much more.

You can try the code: ipconfig or ipconfig /all

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7) netstat

The netstat command will help you to find out who is establishing a connection with your computer. You will get to know about the active connections and listening ports. To use this command, type netstat -a into the command prompt.

8) Net View

To use this command enter net view xxxx (IP address) or your computer name. This command will list out the entire list of resources, domains, and computers that are shared by the specified computer.

9) Net User

If you ever forgot your Windows login password, then you can utilize this command to reset Windows user password. You can also add new users or modify existing users using net user command.

However, the net user command is the little bit technical. So, for that, you can visit this link to know about how to use net user commands.

Net User command for administrators in Windows

10) Net Use

This command is widely used to remove, connect and configure the connection on shared resources like printers, mapped drives, network printers and more. This command also needs technical knowledge. For that, you can visit this link.

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These are the 10 best commands used in hacking. Did you find this article useful? Share it as much as possible.

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