How to Make a Promo for a Product?

How to Make a Promo for a Product?

How to Make a Promo for a Product?

A promo is a commercial advertising form most commonly used by broadcast media, which usually appears to the viewers during ad breaks, and sometimes at the beginning or end of programs.

The purpose of creating a promo video is to promote a marketing initiative, sale, or event. Promos and teaser videos have some similarities in style and tone, as both aim to garner their audience’s attention and invite them to learn more.

Naturally, the effort made in producing a video or any form of promotion is directed towards making sales, but it is also necessary to create relationships.

Hence, a good promo will attempt to create a personal connection without making everything seem focused on the finances. It focuses more on telling the product’s story or the brand without outright asking you to buy something.

Promotion is an essential part of getting the word out to customers about the benefits of your product or service.  Marketing and promotional tactics that are well-designed ensure long-term success, more customers, and profitability for firms.

Your brand or service would not be able to seek the attention of preoccupied customers without marketing promotions. Promotions also aid brand awareness.

You can disseminate information about your brand and company via various media such as television, billboards, radio, or local newspaper ads, allowing people to learn more about you, investigate your products, and make purchases.

What Makes a Good Promo Video?

  1. Focus

While creating a promo video, stay focused on the event or product you want to showcase. You need to take care of everything – the people involved in that particular event, what the viewer’s experience is supposed to be like, what will happen during it, and when it will all occur.

  1. More than a teaser

The video has to be a bit longer than a regular ad but is not supposed to be a detailed insight into everything about your product. Make fast cuts in your edit while adding catchy sound bites to make it quickly grab attention.

  1. Graphics

Whether it’s a percent-off coupon code or a time and date for an event or promotional period finishing, you’ll want to include a visual call to action. Use the promo video templates and graphic titles to direct the viewer to the information you want them to remember.

  1. Not only sales

You do not always have to make a sale through the promo video. It can be a reflection of your business or a brand awareness drive. Not making sales through all your promo videos is okay and acceptable.

  1. Variety

While it is not the most important thing, it can still be a point to create a few alternate edits for your social media so that there is less repetition reducing ad fatigue.

How to Make a Promo?

Several aspects have to be taken care of while one gets into the process of making promos. These include knowing your target audience, the right video length, the cost, etc.

Let discuss these aspects in detail:

  • Know your audience – The ability to read and assess your targeted audience makes the start of the process smoother and the selection of promo video templates for your video a bit easier. Without knowing the nature and inclination of the audience, the promo will be out of context and hence unusable.
  • Video length – 2 minutes is the upper limit of any promo video length. The old saying “less is more” fits perfectly when deciding the length of promo videos. The essential part about such videos is that they need to give out the important information, which raises the need to go deeper than the regular ad videos. The 2-minute duration will give you enough time to showcase your brand and provide your audience with useful information.
  • Cost – The video production cost is a highly variable factor, as it can range from $ 50 to $ 5000 and can even go up to $ 50,000. The higher prices are for advanced professional setups, sophisticated equipment, and a complete team of seasoned professionals who know all the trade tricks.

However, with the advent of online video-making platforms, the cost need not be thousands of dollars. Online production is way cheaper while still being professional and effective.

These platforms not only provide you with excellent promo video templates, but some of them also let their potential clients check out the media before committing (taking subscription/membership).

Though the process of creating promo videos might seem complicated and indeed not easy, the steps are simple to understand. The list below will take you through the steps in concise terms :

  • Pen down your vision Every video requires the maker to have a vision, and penning it down will clarify the process.
  • Make a script The essential part of any media product is its script. Create a fine script to base your video on, and you will have an excellent start to your task.
  • Produce your video Shoot the video and get a draft edited and made into the final product.
  • Assemble the edit Use the various promo video templates available on the online video-making platforms and give your edited video a professional touch.

Promo videos are a great way of showcasing to the potential buyer your brand, product, story, and all the things you consider essential for your business.

Creating good quality promo videos enables you to attract new visitors and engage the current and recurring ones, further strengthening your brand and its value in the market.

The video production process, which could often get expensive and complicated earlier, has become considerably more straightforward and budget-friendly, courtesy of the multiple online video-making platforms. You can experience this yourself by trying and making a video using one of them.

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