How Do Hackers Hack Your Passwords?

How Do Hackers Hack Your Passwords?

How Do Hackers Hack Your Passwords?

How Do Hackers Hack Your Passwords?: Cybercrime has become a frightening problem. The new threats to cyber security have multiplied and are therefore more sophisticated. They steal money, steal your passwords and take advantage of any opportunity to violate your privacy on the web.

If you often use online banking or if you have accounts on social networks or corporate emails, you could be the next prey to many cyber criminals. Decrypting the password is the fastest way, to obtain the economic benefit of the victim or to be able to encrypt the computer and ask for a ransom.

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How Do Hackers Hack Your Passwords?

If you want to be safe from those hackers or criminals then the best way to beat them is by knowing how do hackers hack passwords and what methods they generally use. So, knowing how passwords are stolen is important in order to be aware of and respond in time to an attack.

1) Brute force

In Brute Force attack, Hackers try different combinations at random, combining names, letters, and numbers, until they meet the correct pattern. Numbers, dates of birth, pet names and names of actors and actresses are the passwords most commonly used by users.

2) Dictionary Attack

Hackers use software which automatically handles decrypting process of the password. In this technique, the tool tries every dictionary words varying from “123” to “XYZ” until it finds the password. This type of programs can make up to 50 attempts per minute in some cases and, according to a report, more than 50% of stolen passwords were obtained in this way.

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3) Phishing

Phishing has become one of the most commonly used tools for hackers to steal passwords and usernames. It involves cheating the victim to fill out a fake form with their login credentials. For example, cybercriminals create a clone of the homepage of an online banking service which fools victims to enter their username and password without imagining that they are being observed.

4) Keylogger

This procedure is similar to phishing or phishing and, as a rule, begins with a malware infection. The victim downloads malware on your computer by clicking on a link or attachment in an email. Once installed, Keyloggers registers all the activity on the Internet and sends this information (credentials included) to the servers of the cyber criminals.

5) Rainbow table

This method requires a thorough knowledge of computer and code. Rainbow is known as a set of calculation tables with hash values where keys are hidden. Accessing these tables allows hackers to revert the hash function to decode the plaintext password. In other words, the Rainbow tables allow you to obtain the victim’s credentials in much less time.

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6) RAT

Rat means Remote Administrator Tool. RAT can connect with your computer, without your permission. The tool can record everything displayed on the screen like which site you are visiting. This tool can also act as a keylogger, which transmits information to hackers.

7) Hijacking

As you know, cookies serve to authenticate the identity of a user and recover some of the information between the site and the. Session hijacking or hijacking is usually performed on LANs (game tournaments, cyber cafes, work or institutional networks) through sniffing applications (or poofing ARP techniques if the network is switched) and searching for cookie references to access certain sites that do not use HTTPS and access the account.

8) Virus, Worms, and Trojans

The amount of content that can be downloaded from the internet is huge, but the downside is that it is also an amusement park for malicious people. Many of the files and programs we download may be infected. Usually, these infections have the power in detail to collect everything you write. This is recorded and the person who infects you has your credentials.

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This is how hackers hack passwords. Using a proper security program can fix certain things. So, make sure to be safe over the web.

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