Here’s The List Of Awesome Websites That You Would Never Think Could Exist

Here's The List Of Awesome Websites That You Would Never Think Could Exist

Here’s The List Of Awesome Websites That You Would Never Think Could Exist

Have you been surfing the internet for a long time? Whatever your response, we are sure that you have found pages that are at least curious.

They say that everything is on the net. An affirmation that has its nuances, but it is clear that we can discover things that we did not imagine could exist in the online world.

Generally, we give a basic use to the possibilities that the Internet offers us. This use varies according to the tastes and hobbies of each one, but often it does not go beyond the general or sports press, viewing of video contents (series, movies, television on demand, etc.), exchange of e-mails or purchase of tickets online.

Whatever your use of the Internet, here is a list of 5 amazing websites. Get out of the routine and check out these curious web pages that we offer you. Of course, these five websites will amaze you.

A selection that will not leave you indifferent. Tune your browser and get ready to take a look.

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1. Fake Name Generator

Have you ever dreamed of being a Russian spy or a Jamaican boxer?

With this web page, you will not get any of the two things, but you will be able to create a profile that does not correspond with your real data. Date of birth, height, phone number etc.

2. Check if the Internet connection has been “dropped”

On many occasions, we try to access a website, but we can not!

There are times that the problem is our connection to the Internet, others of the own computer and sometimes it can be a thing of the own web page in question. This web will solve your doubts as on this website you can check if the system has been dropped.

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3. Calculate how much time has passed since…

Do you want to calculate how much time has passed since you last played Alex Kidd? If you want to tell your partner that “Today is exactly 754 days, 8 hours and 12 minutes since I kissed you for the first time”, this is your website!

4. Self-destructive email account

If you are tired of being asked to enter an email account for thousands of things and you do not want to provide your personal email, this peculiar web could become your ally.

This amazing website automatically generates an e-mail address that you can use for only ten minutes. Yes, only 10 minutes! After that time, it will self-destruct.

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5. World Map of Cyber Attacks

If you feel like visiting an amazing website, you have reached Number 1. From this address, you can access a page that offers a world map in which you can view computer or cyber attacks in real time.

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