TuTu Helper APK Latest Version Download 2.4.11 For Android

TuTu Helper APK Latest Version Download 2.4.11 For Android

TuTu Helper APK Latest Version Download 2.4.11 For Android

We all know very well that games, at least most of them, have a certain component of hurdle and challenges that require the player to make an effort to clear stages or the tasks given.

However, there are many types of games and among all those, some require little effort and some quite more, as from the beginning we all have aggressive crave to put our skill to test them in an almost insane way.

But, let me clear one thing that not everyone is willing to spend too much time in a game, however, many of us wants to finish it as quick as possible. While others do not want to spend money on games to enjoy them, so they resort to apk files of alternative stores.

Download Tutu Helper Apk

APP NameTuTu Helper APK
App TypeAPK
App Version2.4.11
App Size6.37MB
App RequiresAndroid 4.0+
App LicenseFree
Root RequirementNO
Available LanguageEnglish, Chinese


Hence, today in this article I will tell you all about an interesting and amazing application for Android that will simply blow your mind and I bet you will love it. Yes, I am talking about Tutu Helper Apk, hold on, don’t get worried about it, as now I will tell you briefly that what TutuApp Helper is for.

What Is Tutu Helper Apk?

Basically, TutuApp Apk is an application store for Android which is also available for the tech giant Apple’s well-known and so-called most secure mobile operating system, of course, I am talking about the iOS, so, if you are an iOS user then do not worry about this, as you can simply search for Tutu App iOS or TutuApp iOS on internet for Tutu App Download.

TutuHelper is a Chinese application store that is not part of any official store, so, as you can imagine, you can download paid applications without having to pay. It is a Chinese version of the well-known apkmirror, where you can find almost any Android or iOS application.

It has become relatively famous very recently for hosting various “moded” versions of Pokemon Go, in TutuApp Pokemon Go versions would allow you to capture all kinds of pokemon without having to move from the couch, toilet, or wherever you are. You just have to get comfortable, execute that moded version of the game and get amazing smart options.

Moreover, TutuApp Android is a store which hides all kinds of applications, from those which are paid in official stores you can get those apps for free in TutuApp download.

How much danger can TutuApp bring?

Really, it is a very important point of which we should always take care, now, let me clarify that the TutuApp free website itself does not hide any danger, as you can analyze it from the scamvoid website. And not only that even the application for Android also does not seem to embed any malware inside it.

However, the danger can be found in the applications hosted by the store. As you can imagine, a store that houses applications of obscure authority does not have the strict controls that the Apple App Store or Google Play can have.

So, if you agree to download applications from TutuApp VIP, you may expose yourself to being infected by all the malware that runs around the store.

Some companies behind some games, to avoid the temptation for users to download apps from unofficial stores, usually take measures, such as the case of Niantic. Most of the time they permanently ban players who cheat!

However, it is not a danger in itself, but the fact of making a challenging game stop being a trick is something that takes away the essence of what it is.

Features Of Tutu Helper Apk:

We all know very well that Tutu Helper Apk is the right and perfect option for those who are looking for moded games and premium apps for free at one place only. Below we are going to list down several awesome features of Tutu Helper Android app:

  • Tutu Helper is one of the best and most secure app stores from where you can download lots of premium apps and games for free.
  • Although Google Play Store is a place where we can get almost every apps and game. However, it requires some verifications in the form of Google Account. However, Tutu Helper Apk doesn’t need any kind of verifications
  • The most important thing about Tutu Helper is that it provided the modded version of the app. You can find different types of hack/mod games with the help of Tutu App Apk.
  • It’s worth to note that Tutu App Stores all the game on its own server. So, we could expect some great speed while downloading. Tutu Helper actually supports high speed downloading
  • Tutuhelper shares some similarity with Google Play Store. You will find each and every app listed according to their nature.
  • Tutu App apk doesn’t feel heavy on the smartphone. Developers have implemented some special mechanism that ensures that the app doesn’t consume much of your RAM resources.

These are just a few features of Tutu Helper Apk, the app actually hosts several other features which you can explore while using the app. If you find some more interesting features while using the app, then make sure to tell us in the comment box.

What permissions does the Tutu Helper APK installation requests?

The installation of TutuApp APK is carried out manually, just by downloading the APK on the device and simply proceeding from the download folder to the installation in the operating system.

When this process starts, the Android operating system itself warns us of the permissions that must be granted to install the app on the smartphone or tablet and these are divided between ‘Privacy and Access’ to the Device.

Regarding the privacy permits, we have the following things:

  • Complete access to the network.
  • Access to all the information on the wifi networks to which we connect.
  • Access to the file system of the SD card.
  • Full access to network connections, both existing and those to which it connects.
  • Access to the vibration system of the device to send notices.
  • Measure the storage spaces to make estimates of the apk sizes installed on the device will require.
  • Permissions for the installation of shortcuts on the home screen.
  • Control of the phone’s flashlight.
  • Permissions to close other applications whose execution is in progress, connect or disconnect to a network.

With regard to Access Permits to the Device, these are the permissions that it requires:

  • Access to the user’s contact list.
  • Permissions to read the contents of the SD card, delete or modify contents of the SD card.
  • Needs Permission to allow access to the status and identity of the mobile device.
  • Permissions to take photos and videos with the camera.
  • Access to the exact location of the device through GPS.
  • Access to the approximate location of the device based on connections to Wi-Fi networks or antennas in the telephone network.

As you can see there are several access permissions that could be questioned by the user, such as access to the device’s contact list. It is up to each user to judge whether it is worthwhile or not to download the app.

So, all these permissions are not so suspicious, but still, it depends on you that whether you are willing to download the TutuApp APK or not on your Android device.

How To Install TuTu Helper Apk?

#1 First of all, download the TuTuApp APK file on your Android smartphone or tablet and make sure to save it in a safe location.

#2 In the next step, you need to enable the Unknown Sources on your Android smartphone, for that, head to the Settings –> Security –> Unknown Sources and then enable the Unknown Sources.

#3 The above step will ensure that you can now download third-party apps. Now head to the location, where you have saved Tutu helper Apk and install it normally.

#4 Once done, you need to open your Android’s app drawer and then tap on TutuApp.

That’s it! This is how you can download and install Tutu Helper or TutuApp apk on your Android smartphone and tablet. If you are facing trouble at any of the steps, then make sure to discuss with us in the comments.

Video Guide:

If you are looking for a video guide that could help you in installing or getting Tutu Helper on Android device, then the below-listed video might help you. The video explains everything in a simple manner.

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