How To Become A Professional Hacker: 5 Skills You Need

How To Become A Professional Hacker: 5 Skills You Need

How To Become A Professional Hacker: 5 Skills You Need

How To Become A Professional Hacker: Everyone knows the meaning of the phrase Hacker. Hacker word often resembles a guy with a laptop who tries to access the unauthorized data. But, to learn about hacking and trying it is not a crime unless you are using your skills to get unauthorized access to any data.

Hackers are of two kinds unethical and ethical. Unethical hackers are those who use their hacking skills in the wrong way. Whereas, ethical hacking is completely legal and is advancing. You can learn hacking skills to tackle with other hackers who are not using their skills nicely.

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How To Become A Professional Hacker: 5 Skills You Need

Here we will talk about 5 hacking skills that will help you to become professional hackers. Check out the list of skills below

1) Basic computer and Networking skills

You need some basic computer skills to become hackers. Basic skills mean beyond the ability to create Microsoft word or powerpoint document. You must learn how to use a command line in windows, edit the registry and set up the network parameters. You must also try to understand networking like iPv4, iPv6, DHCP, NAT, Subnetting, DNS, Routers and switches, VLANs, OSI model, Public v Private IP, MAC addressing, ARP.

2) Linux Skill

Linux is extremely important if you want to become a pro hacker. If you have zero knowledge in Linux, then the best option is to start using Linux. Users can search for Linux series in Google that will help you to gain some knowledge regarding how to use Linux. The majority of hacking tools are developed for Linux.

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3) Virtualization and Security Concepts

Do you know about Virtualbox, Vmware, and Workstation? There are virtual platforms where users test their hacks before they take them to the real world. The virtual environment is a safe environment where you can test and implement your hacking techniques. So, you must learn to properly use these virtualization benefits. You must also try to learn about security concepts because the only way to overcome the roadblocks created by security admins is to be familiar with them.

4) Wireless Technologies/Scripting

Wireless technologies become very handy to send information and data via invisible waves in the air. So, you must first learn and understand the functioning of wireless technologies. You must learn various encryption algorithms like WPA, WPA2, WEP, and WPS. Scription is another skill that is must-needed. Scripting will help you develop your own unique tools.

5) Database And Web Applications

If you want to become a good hacker then you must learn SQL language because this will help you understand databases and how they work. You can also learn major DBMS’s like SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL. If we talk about Web Applications then these are the software which we use on the internet via our web browser. Learning the concept of web applications will help you to make your own web apps to do whatever you want.

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These are the five best skills that one needs to master the art of hacking. Hope you like the article, share it with others also.

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