How To Create Fake Conversations On WhatsApp & Facebook

If you want to trick someone into believing you are having a very interesting conversation, try this simple tutorial to create fake conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging applications. You can modify the appearance to make it much more believable.

1: Download the app from Google Play

To start conversations on Facebook, Whatsapp or others, the first thing you’ll need to do is download the Yazzy¬†app from Google Play. It is totally free, however, it will show certainly invasive ads during its use.

With a million downloads can not be said to be totally ignored, as this app has 4.2 stars of average rating, very good for an application of marginal and punctual use.

In iOS it is not available, but there is WhatsFake, a similar application.

2: Access the settings and remove the watermark

Before starting to fake conversations and cross messages, it is advisable to access the application settings and remove the watermark. If we do not, we will not be able to show off our captures, because in all of them the Yazzy logo will appear.

The menu is accessed similarly to the applications developed by Google. From the upper left corner. There are really few customization options that appear in the settings, so it is easy to find the one we are looking for.

3: Choose the application you want to fake

Among the many options offered by Yazzy are the most important: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, SMS, Messenger and even Google Search. All of them can be faked and turned into fiction, whether it is for Android or iOS.

No doubt the two most sought after are Whatsapp and Messenger, the two leaders in the field of instant messaging. With Yazzy you can fool your contacts by making them believe that you are having a conversation that is not really happening.

4: Choose the appearance of the false conversation

One of the advantages of Yazzy is that it is fully customizable. It gives us the option to change the look of the fake conversation, to the point where we can change the Wifi signal or mobile network, change the online status or the avatar that will see the supposed contact.

We are talking about Whatsapp, the application we have decided to forge to perform this tutorial. The others work in a similar way, so as the saying goes “sight one, sight all.”

To modify the interface you have to go to the “Main” tab and the “status bar” tab.

5: Write your fake conversation

The screen on which we will edit the false conversation in WhatsApp itself is very intuitive. Just type the text and click on the “+” icon to the right or left. To the right if we want the message to appear as sent by us and to the left for the opposite.

In addition, once “sent”, we can modify the message by clicking on it. Not only the text but also the time at which it was supposedly sent.

6: View and save your conversation

Once we are happy with the result of our mock conversation, then we have to go to the “Image” tab, which appears to be on the right of the whole. There we click the refresh icon to preview the capture of our conversation.

If there is no error and the appearance is satisfactory, the save icon will store the image directly in the gallery of the device. Now it is ready to share it wherever you decide and spend a joke on all the unsuspecting lender. Even it can be shared directly from the Yazzy app.

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