Forget Facebook, Google Collects More Of Your Personal Data

Forget Facebook, Google Collects More Of Your Personal Data

Forget Facebook, Google Collects More Of Your Personal Data

The last few weeks have been intense scrutiny for Facebook against the data it collects from users. The Cambridge Analytica scandal has warned of a practice that has apparently been repeated over the years.

If Facebook collects and provides user data, there are more companies doing so. The tech giant Google is the only one who has the most data and the information in its hands which is collected is even greater than the Facebook.

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A recent research by The Wall Street Journal revealed something that, although everyone knows, was not quantified until now.

What data is collected by Google?

The amount of data that Google collects on its users is frightening and beats by far the information that others, like Facebook, collects steadily.

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The data that Google collects about users comes from their services, such as Gmail, search, or others, from their software (Chrome), and operating systems. These allow the company to create very reliable profiles about consumer habits and thus offer targeted advertising to all advertisers.

The amount of data collected by Google

The investigation realized that in just 15 days, Google is able to collect more than 23,731 A4 pages of information about a user. If stacked, these pages of data would reach a height of more than two meters in height.

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This data is focused on searches and sites you visit but extends to the audio used for those same voice searches and to locations if you use Android or Google apps on iOS.

After one year, the tech giant Google has gathered enough data to fill more than 570,000 pages on each of its users. Of course, this volume varies with the usage habits of each one, but they are not without exception impressive.

The big difference between Google and Facebook

Despite this huge and abnormal volume of data collection, there is a very big difference between Google and Facebook.

The tech giant Google does not give this data to app developers and advertisers, as the largest social network on the Internet, of course, Facebook is known to do.

All data is kept securely and within Google’s data centres and is only used by Google and the services it provides. Even so, it has too much information about each of us.

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