7 Most Addictive Free Games That You Can Play In Your Browser Right Now

7 Most Addictive Free Games That You Can Play In Your Browser Right Now

7 Most Addictive Free Games That You Can Play In Your Browser Right Now

Do you want to disconnect yourself from your daily routine and want to enjoy a quick game? Well, there are a lot of video games adapted to the web that you can play without having to install anything. All you need is a browser and internet connection.

Video games are an entertainment available to anyone and are not only conditioned to sit in front of a PC designed specifically for that purpose.

Thanks to the power of the current browsers and the speed of Internet connections, you can play an endless number of free video games from the Internet browser of any computer, netbook or ultrabook regardless of its power or operating system and, above all, without installing anything on your computer and totally for free.

Among the numerous catalog of free and fun games that you can play from the browser, you will find all kinds of themes: from FPS, platform games, puzzles, strategy … Everything!

If hyperrealistic graphics are not a priority for you, you’ll enjoy yourself as a kid with the selection of video games that we propose in this list.

To play them you only need to have the Flash plugin installed for your browser. If you do not have it, the game itself will give you the link to download and install it.

Also, when you run the game from the browser, you will need to be connected to the Internet while you play.

Are you excited about any of these addictive mini-games for the browser? We warn you that some are authentic masterpieces.

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1. Spelunky

We started our selection with a title full of adventures, dangers, and fun: Spelunky.

The original version of Spelunky was released back in 2008 for Windows platforms, although due to its success was soon relaunched to Xbox 360, PSP Vita and PS3.

This time, the remake of Spelunky is a browser game created in HTML 5 that allows users to play the game directly from the browser or as an extension for Google Chrome.

Click here to play the game.

2. Wonderputt

Wonderputt offers a mix mini golf game, with an adventure component in which you have to go assuming new challenges on a kind of mutant island drawn from a cartoon.

Before being a video game to play from the browser, Wonderputt had its version for mobile devices as well, but playing it from the browser guarantees hours and hours of entertainment that challenges you in each of the 18 levels with impossible holes that will test your expertise and your patience.

The objective of the game is to insert the ball into the hole indicated in the fewest possible strokes, overcoming all the obstacles that the mutant island will be in your way.

Its excellent graphics and its mix of styles of golf, billiard, platform and puzzle games will make you have a good time hooking you from the first hole.

Click here to play the game.  Wonderputt is also available as an extension for Google Chrome.

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3. Rad Soldiers

Rad Soldiers is a video game that originally came to light in iOS but has subsequently been migrated to PC as an extension for Google Chrome, the only browser that supports it.

This turn-based strategy game for the browser allows you to create a team of soldiers to fight on missions in which the enemy is the computer itself or other connected users.

Click here to play the game.

4. Tanki online

Nothing like a tank to enter battle and with Tanki online you will have many battles, although, above all, you will have tanks, many tanks to destroy.

This free tank game for the browser consists of a 3D graphics shooter in which you must drive a tank while you face more than 26 million enemies from around the world in different battles and scenarios.

In Tanki online strategy and ambush, skills are vital to maintaining the integrity of your war machine, as all other players will do their best to win the contest.

Click here to play the game.

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5. Tank Riders

Without leaving aside the theme of the free tank games for the browser, we want to recommend Tank Riders.

This game is also available for Android and iOS devices, and for the version adapted for the browser which has been chosen to pack it into a Chrome extension.

In this entertaining game of tank battles with 3D graphics and bright colors, you will have to face hordes of enemies armed with mortars and cannons that you will have to defeat using your wit and dexterity.

Tank Riders allows you to play in multiplayer mode through the browser with other connected users or in campaign mode overcoming levels against the computer, so you do not need to be connected to the internet to have a good time.

Click here to play the game.

6. Polycraft

If you want a free game to play from the browser with which you can disconnect yourself from your daily routine, then Polycraft is one of those that we highly recommend.

Its game scheme is very similar to Clash of Clans in which you must build a base camp with your resources and defend it from the attacks of creatures that populate the imaginary world of magic and fantasy of Polycraft, while you collect stones and trees that will serve of natural resources with which to build your defenses and grow your base.

Polycraft is simple to play and has very nice 3D graphics. That makes it one of the most addictive browser games we’ve come across lately and it’ll surely earn a place among your browser’s favorite bookmarks.

Like many others, Polycraft is also available as an extension to install on Google Chrome and enjoy this great adventure from a separate window.

Click here to play the game.

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7. The World Biggest Pac-Man

Little we have to say about Pac-Man that you do not know since it is one of the most famous and charismatic characters in the history of video games. Who has not played Pac-Man ever?

The adaptation of the Pac-Man game for the browser has enjoyed the pleasure of Namco Bandai, creator of the original game on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and has not detracted from the original spirit of the game but quite the opposite.

In this new version of Pac-Man for the browser, you can play thousands of different levels that other users have created and check if you are skilled enough to circumvent the persistent ghosts in all of them.

Click here to play the game.

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