Here’s Why USB Only Fits In One Way

Here's Why USB Only Fits In One Way

Here’s Why USB Only Fits In One Way

Why the original USB only be connected in one direction? Why can not you connect in any direction? The answer lies in the money.

The USB ports are the most common way to connect devices to a computer. Keyboards, mouse, data cables, recorders etc, all kinds of accessories use the classic port to communicate with other devices.

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But why can we only connect USBs in one direction? We all had some problems at the time of inserting a USB cable into a connector, thinking we’re doing it wrong. It has made us lose minutes and more minutes of our lives. Why did we have to wait for the USB-C to arrive to solve the address problem? Why have we had to wait 18 years?

The answer is quite simple. According to the well-known sources, the inventors of the USB standard had to cut costs to get the standard to take off. They themselves recognize that it is one of the biggest problems of the USB standard. But, at the time, the intention was to launch something better than serial ports and parallel ports.

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A reversible connector would have doubled the number of connectors needed for the cable, making it too expensive and unattractive. At that time, it was simply decided to give priority to other aspects of the USB standard. And it seems that they were right because USB has become an essential port.

“It could have been better (with reversible connector), but compared to where we were with the serial ports and the parallel ports, the USB ports were significantly better,” says Ajay Bhatt, one of the minds behind the creation of the USB and he’s right, actually. Stopping to screw things to the computers to connect them to the port was a revolution.

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Of course, the USB-C has been the particular solution to this problem. It is true that it has come out as a renewal of the old USB, but they have learned from the mistakes of the past and in this almost yes it is reversible. It only took 18 years, or what is the same, the time necessary to establish it as a universal standard.

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