How Hackers Spy On Anyone’s WhatsApp

How Hackers Spy On Anyone's WhatsApp

How Hackers Spy On Anyone’s WhatsApp

How Hackers Spy On Anyone’s WhatsApp: WhatsApp the instant messaging app has facilitated communication among millions of users worldwide. Now WhatsApp is being used by a majority of users worldwide, this also brings the risk of hacking.

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Hackers are inventing new techniques to spy on WhatsApp messages. There are possibilities that when using this service your information is at the mercy of a hacker.

How Hackers Spy On Anyone’s WhatsApp

In this post, we are going to cover few methods that Hackers or criminals use to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp account. This post is to make you aware of various hacking techniques that are implemented by hackers.

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Everyone needs to receive an OTP SMS on their registered contact number to access the WhatsApp. In this case, hackers just need to have your OTP SMS and by accessing the OTP SMS they can install WhatsApp account on their smartphone with your contact number and can exchange SMS.

2) Evil Apps

There are thousands of apps available over the web which can be used to read all WhatsApp messages. In this situation, hackers just need to access your Phone once to install a spyware app and can spy on your WhatsApp message remotely.

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3) Extracting WhatsApp Messages

Extracting WhatsApp Messages

Extracting WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp the instant messaging app provides an option to backup the Entire WhatsApp conversation. If hackers got hands on your backup file they can read all your WhatsApp chat. The things become more critical if you share financial information on WhatsApp chat.

4) Whatsapp Web let users access their WhatsApp account from the computer. This is indeed a handy feature but hackers can use this to spy on your phone. WhatsApp web version also remains hidden until you pull the notification shutter down. Hackers just need to scan QR code from your phone to access your account from their computer.

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5) Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring

We have already shared some article regarding how to mirror your Android screen on a computer. There are few tools available like Airdroid which lets users stream their smartphone screen to the computer. Hackers can use these type of software to mirror your screen onto their computer from where they can control your entire Android smartphone.

6) SS7 Flaw

SS7 Flaw

SS7 Flaw

Popular sources claim that SS7 flaw can be used to track the cell phone movements and can track users. This flaw can be used to exchange messages on some popular Android apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

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This is how hackers spy on anyone’s WhatsApp account. Hope this article helped you! Share it as much as possible.

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