New Tech Trends That Will Influence App Development in the Future

New Tech Trends That Will Influence App Development in the Future

New Tech Trends That Will Influence App Development in the Future

Technology development has changed all sectors; while smartphone tech and app development are among the most influential sectors here. The constant development in these sectors forces developers to be aware of the latest trends and tech advances and respond to customer demand accordingly.

It is similar to the online betting industry, where development is inevitable, and providers have to be dynamic and quick to adopt.

There are many tech trends in the industry that will impact the app development industry in the future. Here, we have mentioned some of them.

Foldable Devices

Once upon a time when slider phones and flip phones were a new thing. The innovation in the smartphone industry is unstoppable, and manufacturers are trying to bring innovative designs.

Foldable smartphones are among the most successful approaches in recent years. Companies like Samsung and Huawei have made this possible without increasing the overall size of the device.

Such a device poses a completely new challenge for app developers. Since apps must be adapted to the size of the screen when folded and unfolded. As of now, the number of such devices is limited, but when these devices are in trend, new changes are expected in the app development sector.

Augmented Reality Tech

AR or augmented reality is one of the innovative techs in the market. AR apps have been found on App Stores for several years, as one of the great examples here is Pokémon Go.

However, since this tech is still in its infancy, a wider acceptance is awaited. AR applications connect the digital world with reality and make it possible to interact with one’s surroundings in a unique way.

With augmented reality, companies can create experiences or present stories that differentiate their company and what they offer from the competition.

For instance, a furniture manufacturer can create an app that shows customers how a sofa would look in their living room. When the demand for such tech will increase, app developers must have to be updated.


After Apple launched its first smartwatch, the demand for such wearables have increased, and many manufacturers developed such products. Several manufacturers create special apps for such wearable, and big companies like Apple have also launched a standalone app store for their smartwatches.

So, app developers have to be ready for the force when wearable devices are among the most demanded products in the future. In addition, such apps should be developed in a way that they can comply with mobile phones as well. Thus, we may see a revolutionary change in the sector.

Internet of Things

The trend of the Internet of Things is also constantly growing. Here, multiple devices are connected over the internet and enable users to use them conveniently. This tech allows computers, smartphones, and smart home appliances to communicate with each other. Users can control them over one app.

The IoT is not new tech, but it plays an important role in app development and possibly offers users more options to control multiple devices. So, the developers must get ready to develop such apps to fulfill upcoming demands.

Blockchain Tech

Blockchain technology was introduced in 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoin. This innovative tech is being used in the development of crypto tokens by multiple companies. It is a decentralized tech, so all the data on blockchain apps are secure. No third party has access to them.

Since security is fundamental here, this tech will play an important role in developing next-gen mobile applications in the future. Several reputed companies like HTC and Samsung are rumored to work on mobile phones that will be based on blockchain technology.

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