How To Track Phone Number To Get Name And Address

Track Phone Number: Smartphones are used for communicating with our friends and relatives by the means of mobile numbers provided by telecom operators. When we register a mobile number, telecom operator submits our identifications, they have our identity and address proof.

Well, if anyone is spamming your phone’s call list or taking with you in an unethical way, you can always go to service center to find details about the unknown number.

How To Track Phone Number To Get Name And Address

But, the process consumes lots of time. Now, users always look for a faster means to get the work done. Therefore, here is a simple method that can help you to Track Phone Number with a name and address.


Truecaller is a verified mobile phone community which lets you search for a phone number. You can get details about the unknown person calling you. You can even get the address, Facebook and Twitter profile etc.

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1) Visit Truecaller website with your computer, or you can click here to go to the web page directly.



2) On the landing page, you will be asked to enter the number that you want to search for. Just enter the unknown number there and sign up with your Google or Microsoft account.



3) It will show you all the available details. The information Truecaller provide is almost 90% accurate which makes sure that users can rely on it.



You can also download Truecaller for Android and iOS. The mobile apps make it easier to search for any unknown number

Truecaller For Android:

Truecaller: Identify Caller ID
Truecaller: Identify Caller ID

Truecaller For iOS:

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Other Methods:

You can also search for the numbers in other sites like Truecaller. But, those websites will only show you the location of the number. Suppose, someone is calling your from Kolkata (West Bengal) then the site will show you “West Bengal”

These sites will also show you the GSM provider and some other details except the name of the unknown caller. Here are few sites which can help you Track Phone Number:

1) Find And Trace:

Find and trace helps you to trace caller information like location, network operator, state, search history, etc. This website can provide the latest or current location for any telephone number. You can also register the complaint against any mobile number in reputation and monitoring section.

2) SMS Gate Way:

Get to know the mobile location or mobile operator name by entering the number. The results of tracked number will be shown such as Operator Name, Location, Service Geo Covered, Network type.

3) Mobile Number Tracker:

This site lets you find the details for 100+ million people in India using this biggest pool of crowdsourced mobile number directory. Type the mobile number and we will locate it with details like Owner Name, Email, City, Mobile Operator, and Telecom Circle on Google Maps.

4) Internet 4 Mobile:

Mobile Number Locator is a simple tool which gives you the basic trace of a mobile number like Operator and City. Here users just need to enter the number they are looking for.

5) B Mobile:

You can use this site to search any Indian Mobile number in 10 Digit format. This program shows you Location of Mobile Phone on the map. Results will also show Telecom Operator and Signal used by Mobile Phone.

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This is how you can identify the unknown person who is calling you. Truecaller is always the best solution when it comes to search for an unknown number. Hope you like this post, leave a comment if you want to add some other methods in the list.

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