Turn Your Android Smartphone or iPhone Into A Satellite Phone

Turn Your Android Smartphone or iPhone Into A Satellite Phone

There are many places and areas on the planet where there is no coverage, requiring a special mobile phone that uses the communication network of satellites to communicate with the world.

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Thuraya is one of the best-known companies in this sector, a company that has a network of satellites that allow the coverage in 160 countries, offering from the phone of attention to special mobile devices, as well as carcasses to extend the functionalities of the mobiles already Existing ones.

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That is what SatSLeeve does, a case that can be coupled to an Android phone or iPhone to offer a connection via satellite, but for that, you have to have a special application installed (which you can find on the respective app stores) and hire the communication service.

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What they intend with this system is to offer the possibility of having cheaper satellite mobiles, since they take advantage of the phone of the user, avoiding that it has to buy a new one.

Earlier it was not available for Android phones, but now it is available for Android phones. However, it seems that the idea stalled a couple of years ago and has not managed to evolve, probably due to lack of demand or publicity.

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But, the latest compatible models of Android phone and iPhone are available with accessories such as chargers with solar energy, extra batteries and other devices needed for use in remote areas.

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