What Is BIOS In Computer? What Does It Do?

What Is BIOS In Computer? What Does It Do?

What Is BIOS In Computer? What Does It Do?

What is BIOS In Computer? What Does It Do?: The word BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input / Output System. It is a mechanism responsible for some activities considered routine in a computer, but are of paramount importance for the correct functioning of a machine. If the BIOS stops working, the PC also stops.

The Basic Input and Output System is an application that is responsible for performing the various tasks performed from the moment you turn the computer on until the loading of the operating system installed on the machine.

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When you start the PC, the BIOS scans to detect and identify all hardware components connected to the machine. Only after all this process of identification is that the BIOS passes the control to the operating system and the boot actually happens.

It is in the BIOS that you can view and change some information on your PC, such as adjusting the system clock, checking the temperature of the motherboard and processor, or checking the speed at which the cooler is spinning. In addition, it is through this tool that you determine whether the PC boot will be done by the hard disk, CD / DVD drive or USB devices.

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The famous overclocking and underclocking, which is nothing more than changing the clock speed of the processor, are also made through the BIOS. As you may realize, without this application it is practically impossible to start a machine.

To ensure its integrity, the BIOS is stored inside a chip with ROM (read-only memory), meaning that it can not change its core features. You can not, for example, uninstall the BIOS from your computer, just update it or modify the allowed options.

Setting up the BIOS is not a difficult task, but you have to be careful not to make modifications that end up harming the computer.

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