WhatsApp Is About To Get This New Feature

WhatsApp Is About To Get This New Feature

WhatsApp Is About To Get This New Feature

WhatsApp Is About To Get This New Feature: Recently, we have seen the instant messaging app WhatsApp got some awesome new features. Now it looks like the instant messaging app is about to get a new feature in the next update.

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WhatsApp users on Android and Windows phones are about to receive a new feature that will allow a user to add a group description.

Right now the feature is available in the beta version of WhatsApp Android app 2.18.54 and on the beta version of Windows Phone 2.18.28. The latest feature is expected to roll out for iPhone users in few days.

WhatsApp Is About To Get A Feature That Group Admins Will Hate

The feature actually lets anyone in the group edit the description. However, WhatsApp is expected to restrict the feature to administrators only. This is something which will help in the administration of public groups or with a large number of subscribers.

The group description will be visible on the chat page, such as a fixed box, outside the group information page, just below the name. The text limit has been set to 500 characters.

Well, the idea behind this step is to help Group members and new group participants, understand the workings of the given group and its activities. So, users can evaluate better before joining the group.

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This feature is something which everyone will love to see. Do you think that the feature will really make its way to the WhatsApp?

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