Here’s The List Of Most Expensive Domains Of All Time

Here's The List Of Most Expensive Domains Of All Time

Here’s The List Of Most Expensive Domains Of All Time

When it comes to naming a website, you have to value several things. Originality, SEO or length are three of them. However, there is one even more important: its availability. If it is not, try to find another name or buy a domain. Of course, this option can go for a kidney, even if it is not one of the most expensive domains in Internet history.

If you are a big company and still do not have a website, you will have to make one. And your brand image cannot adapt so easily to the availability of domains on the Internet, so if someone has registered the one you want, you will have no choice but to get the checkbook.

There have been cases of domains bought by a good number of millions. Owning one of the most sought-after and obvious is a guarantee of traffic for your website, with the consequent advertising revenue. Therefore they are very demanded, reaching exorbitant prices.

These are some of the most expensive domains of all time:-


With such mimbres, a company specialized in gambling that could not resist and buy the domain Only through search engines should they receive millions of visits without having to move.

The purchase took place in the year 2006 when a bubble of domains on the Internet was still going on. At that time, just before the outbreak of the crisis, authentic millionaires were paid for online domains. In this case, the price was 5.5 million dollars.

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FB is the abbreviation that almost everyone uses to refer to Facebook. The company knows this and therefore decided to make a millionaire investment to buy the corresponding domain. It’s the same thing Apple is doing with domains that start with the letter “i”. is now a website that redirects to the main page of Facebook. The domain is already owned by business conglomerate Facebook Inc., which bought it in 2010 for 8.5 million.

3. is a domain that is now down and has been around for quite some time. According to Techworm, a company called bought it for 9.9 million in 2008, surely hoping to do business with it.

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Until 2012 was the second most expensive domain of all time. Acquired by 16 million by QuinnStreet, a marketing company, Insure is engaged in insurance comparison and marketing.

It should be remembered that in the United States, insurance is one of the most buoyant sectors. The absence of a universal public health and quality makes it practically mandatory to have private insurance.


Do you want to rent a private jet? No problem, you can do it online from the website. It will certainly cost you a lot of money, but if you can not afford it it is because you are not the target audience of the domain.

The management was bought for 30 million dollars in 2012. The goal is to monetize to the maximum this web, destined to a millionaire public willing to spend what it takes to fly in a private jet. It must be an extremely profitable business.

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The domain related to vacation rentals was acquired for a record $35 million in 2007. Bought by HomeAway, a company of the sector.

The CEO of the company confirmed at the time that they did not need the domain, but that they bought it to prevent it from falling into the hands of their rivals. It is one of the cases in which the domain owner has used the competition as a bargaining weapon.

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